OSIsoft Users Conference 2013

Friday, April 19, Product Education Day

Join us for a day of challenge and learning about the PI System.  This year we present four topics related to increasing your value with your PI System.  These sessions will be presented by PI System experts, who will demonstrate in great detail how to accomplish these important tasks.  You will have ample time to ask questions and interact with the experts. 
Session topics offered:
               Migrating to PI Server 2012 with PI AF and WIS
               Powering Your Visualizations with PI AF and PI Coresight
               Using Microsoft PowerPivot and PowerView with the PI System
               PI System Security Workshop
Two session times are offered for each of the topics. 
               Session 1    08:30 AM – 11:00 AM
               Session 2    12:00 PM – 2:30 PM
               Lunch will be offered for all Session Attendees from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Migrating to PI Server 2012 with PI AF and WIS

PI Server 2012 incorporates the PI AF Server and Windows Integrated Security.  This session describes how to best go about migrating a pre-PI System 2010 system to take best advantage of the full power of the PI System as securely as possible.

Powering Your Visualizations with PI AF and PI Coresight

PI AF allows the definition of consistent representations of organizational assets and/or equipment and uses these representations in simple or complex analyses that yield critical and actionable information.  Learn what this really means to you and how you can leverage PI AF in searching for data, providing analytics to your users, and building robust displays.
PI Coresight is an intuitive, web-based tool that delivers fast, easy, and secure access to all your PI System data.  With PI Coresight you can easily perform ad hoc analysis, discover answers, and share your insights with others.  In this class use our new visualization tool to quickly create displays, find data across multiple systems, and share those displays with others.

Using Microsoft PowerPivot and Power View with the PI System

PI System Data is the factual record of actual operational performance. Combining PI System Data with Microsoft PowerPivot provides you with “Multidimensional” data analysis capabilities of all your operational data right within your spreadsheet. Multidimensional data analysis is a perfect fit for PI System Data because it allows users to consolidate large volumes of process and other data, to extend this data by adding calculations of their own, and to quickly aggregate and explore process relationships to gain “Operational Intelligence”.

During this session, we will demonstrate the use of PI AF to set business context to PI Data and the use of PI OLEDB Enterprise to extract this data into PowerPivot. We will also show how to configure relationships between PowerPivot tables to create the “cube” and how to add calculations to our analysis using DAX. The session will conclude with the construction of a Power View report.

PI System Security Workshop

This workshop is designed to help those planning or implementing a strategy for reducing cyber risk to their process control systems and PI System data. The workshop commences with a briefing on PI System attack surface models, attendant risks, and recommended deployment patterns.
Participants then work with lab exercises to deploy effective mitigations including application whitelisting, communication whitelisting, and internet security protocol.  Additional exercises focus on security configuration compliance management tools.  Learn how to apply specific recommendations for blocking cyber threats and how to audit the PI System relative to compliance standards.