London Screenwriters' Festival


Terrifying Tweetfest: We Have A Winner!

And the results are in!

Our @londonswf Twitter account was FLOODED with entries for our 'Terrifying Tweetfest' where we asked YOU, via Twitter and the hashtag #LSFHorror, to give us your Horror-themed loglines in honour of Halloween, which hits just after the fest next month.

Twitter Zombies

First, a quick overview of the entries:

Zombies were of course a firm favourite, though surprisingly Vampires were not as high on the list as one might expect – though perhaps this was because our Lucy V was overseeing the contest? Cannibalism and spooky children – possessed by ghosts and/or becoming a threat to adults probably came a close second, with possessed technology (especially utilities and social networks) and reality TV shows bringing up the rear.

And of course there were the inevitable joke entries – some of which were very funny! These were our fave ones:

szamar_madar Jamie Whear.
10 Women realise too late that the competition to be Britain's best WAG is in fact auditioning for The Hoff's new wife #LSFHorror

justmetalking Henry Fosdike.
Man goes on murderous rampage at LSF after finding out everybody else bought their ticket with a discount code. #LSFHorror

ShaiHussain Shai.
The world runs out of chocolate #LSFHorror

TrailDragon Tom H.
#LSFHorror A script reader, sick of the usual portrayal of women in films, takes matters into her own hands - with deadly consequences.

Well done EVERYONE – it really WAS a very hard choice, but Team LSF managed to whittle it down to a Top 25 (actually those eagle-eyed Tweeps amongst you will notice it’s really a Top 26, because SOMEONE counted number 23 twice... Which is a little bit spooky if you think about it, where’s Jim Carrey when you need him??).

So in no particular order, the entries that caught Team LSF’s eye for the shortlist were:


1) SaimaMir Saima Mir
#LSFhorror A woman kills her psychopathic husband only to find herself reliving the same horrific day over & over again.

2) carolinegard Caroline Gardiner
Rival gangs of teenagers are trapped underground on a school trip to a Cold War bunker. The teachers are the first to die. #LSFHorror

3) gavstatic Gavin Williams
#LSFhorror Female Frankenstein creates monster from murdered women to hunt down killers, but the monster becomes obsessed with her own son.

4) WriteBelief TheWriter
#LSFHorror A man is wrongly incarcerated in a mental institution where every night a patient dies. Is it just the mind that is playing up?

5) kez007 Kez
#LSFhorror She rode the train with wretched souls each in hell, with hidden demons and secrets, her penance was 2 absorb their evil!

6) SpockWriter Scott Baker
Dependant on social media, a new serial killer is born - a computer virus. The world now faces a new problem - life without it #LSFhorror

7) Harrietbhere harrietb
#LSFhorror When Jo inherits old family photos and her parents' home son TJ asks, "Does a camera capture the soul? What if that soul is evil?

8) davidmelkevik David Melkevik
Generation aXe: When teenagers start being murdered on their 16th birthday, a cheerleader must stop a killer with an axe to grind #LSFhorror

9) LewSwift Lewis Swift
Agoraphobic writer pays a hobo 2 replace him @ signings. The hobo starts taking over his life, & imprisons the writer in his home.#LSFHorror

10) Liverpoolshell Michelle Langan
#LSFhorror a young teachers job at his dream school turns into a nightmare when he realises the pupils aren't all they seem...

11) HelenBang Helen Bang
#LSFHorror On a D of E expedition Anna deletes some friends on facebook. Then one is murdered. Can she stop the killer before everyone dies?

12) fabriquefilms Russell Taylor
#LSFHorror Ginnie and her too cool mates are forced to fight for lives against a hooded demon during London riots.

13) jezgee23 Jez Gee
Devil May Care: A group of OAPs discover their care home is being run by a set of satanists who plan to sacrifice them one by one #LSFHorror

14) DAVR0 Davro
Man's Best Fiend: A virus sets mankind against its pets when it turns household dogs into feral killers! #LSFHorror

15) SillyRabbitUK Silly Rabbit UK
The Axe Factor - a deranged killer runs amok during the live recording of a TV talent show #LSFHorror

16) anthonylapusata Anthony M. La Pusata
#LSFHorror A family loose their child in a plane crash, five years later a girl turns up on their doorstep with exactly the same scars.

17) Natt Nathaniel Tapley
#LSFHorror East End criminals, whilst burying a rival in the 2012 Olympics site, unearth the body of a still-living Jack the Ripper...

18) harryjroth Harry Roth
#LSFhorror Whilst backpacking in europe, only a high-school kid can save his girlfriend when she is kidnapped for a sacrificial ceremony.

19) robpmichaels Rob Michaels
Every human on earth suffers the same terrifying nightmare. No-one can explain why. But then it happens: an apocalyptic invasion. #LSFHorror

20) panyd Elena Salvatore
#LSFHorror A young woman wakes up to hear the prayers of sinners - but can she stop their crimes before she hears their repentance?

21) sianlawson Sian Lawson
Happily-married man wakes with knife in hand, blood in a trail to wife in pieces; no idea what happened or where his daughter is #LSFHorror

22) twatterer Jared Kelly
#LSFHorror an archaeological dig in rural England unearths an age-old virus that makes the local children turn on their parents.

23) sweettweenie Teenie Russell
When a magic lamp is discovered in a small town, all of their deepest wishes are about to come true with deadly consequences. #LSFhorror

23) LilMissMystic Mandy Amory
#LSFhorror Sam and Seth are identical twins but Seth is regarded as 'evil' by the villagers and decides to wreak bloody revenge.

24) rosieclaverton Rosie Claverton
Blackfriars - The 00.01 train stops at a closed underground station. When the doors open, who knows what's waiting in the dark? #LSFHorror

25) Dozeymagz Magz
#LSFhorror Answering an internet advert guaranteeing a job for life, a young woman's world becomes a living nightmare.


Number 19!
Very well done to Rob Michaels who wins a free ticket to London Screenwriters Festival next month. The reason Team LSF picked his logline was for its "John Wyndham-style feel" – we could really imagine a very spooky, psychological horror here, starting first with a nightmarescape that bleeds into the waking world and bringing DOOM to everyone in the film!

Many thanks to all who entered and made this Tweetfest such good fun. Don’t forget you still have a chance to win a ticket – and other great stuff – with our 'Four Nights In August' one-page screenwriting contest... Twitter Zombies