Launch Eligibility

DEMO products come from all corners of the globe and all industry segments. Companies may be large or small. Yet there is one common denominator: excellence. Regardless of size, each company submits to the same screening process and is presented on a level playing field.

To be eligible to launch on the DEMO stage your product must:

  • Solve a commercial problem
  • Make an impact or change the marketplace into which it is introduced or create a new market
  • Have a business plan and a management team capable of delivering the product to market
  • Make a statement either by:
    • Product Debut
    • Major (unannounced) enhancements to an existing product
    • Revolutionary new features to be revealed at DEMO

Products that are not eligible include:

  • Products currently in public distribution, either as a launched product or as a highly publicized beta test
  • Upgrades to an existing product
  • Products entering an already saturated market category with little market differentiation
  • Products that have already been widely covered by technology and business media

 This information is considered confidential and received by the DEMO conference under an implied Non-Disclosure Agreement. Information is provided for the sole purpose of consideration for participation in the DEMO conference, unless otherwise explicitly stated by the submitting company.