Honors Program 2011

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The Computerworld Honors program joins the world in mourning the loss of Steve Jobs. Steve gave a comprehensive interview to the program in 1995, when he had left Apple to found NeXt Computer. You can read the article here.

The 2011 Awards Program and Gala Evening took place Monday, June 20, in Washington, DC. To watch an overview video of the evening, please click here. To read the evening's program, click here. And to view a listing of this year's winners, please click here.

For information on this year's 21st Century Achievement Award Winners and Finalists, view our news release. You can also find the list of 2011 Laureates and their case studies, the 2011 Morgan Stanley Leadership Award Winner, and the 21st Century Achievement Award Winners and Finalists here.

Thank you to all who entered this year's program.



Awards Categories for 2011

The 2011 Computerworld Honors Program recognizes those organizations which create and use information technology to promote and advance the public welfare, benefit society and change the world for the better. The categories are:

  • Business Responsiveness
  • Collaboration
  • Digital Access
  • Economic Opportunity
  • Emerging Technology
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Human Services
  • Innovation
  • Safety & Security
  • Training/Education

Click here for more details on each category.

Nomination Criteria

Since 1988, the Computerworld Honors Program has recognized those who use information technology to benefit society. For 2011, we have expanded on this tradition with newly updated categories and an open nomination process.  Nomination criteria comprised the following:

  • Nominations must fit at least one of the new award categories described below.
  • Projects nominated must have been completed or significantly expanded in the past two years (since October 2008) to qualify.
  • Anyone within or outside an organization may nominate a project for the program.