Consumerization of IT Conference & Expo

Workshop Details

Transformation for the Next Generation of Business


Dion Hinchcliffe, Executive Vice President, Strategy, Dachis Group

Date & Time

Sunday, March 4, 2012
1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.




Next-generation businesses are agile, innovative, collaborative, fluid—from their IT environment to their corporate culture. They have the people, processes and technology to harness new ideas and make them work; to crowdsource effectively, inside and out; to thrive on change, yet control the chaos. How can organizations embrace the latest changes in the IT and business landscape? It's not an easy journey, and requires vision and skill sets not always found in conventional organizations, let alone IT. Yet there are now compelling case examples and precedents that point the way to more effective, productive, and high impact applications of IT to business needs and challenges.

Drawn from hundreds of customer engagements, next-generation enterprise IT thought leader Dion Hinchcliffe will share his game-changing playbook for transforming the enterprise to position it for today and beyond. Packed with dozens of strategies and best practices, this informative session prepares IT and business managers and staff with an array of useful techniques: Quick wins to get you started. Ways to socialize and implement larger scale change. Tactics for convincing old-school colleagues. Designed for audiences in IT or line-of-business, Dion will use his well-known visual thinking approach to walk attendees through concepts and techniques to help all organizations raise their game—wherever they are on their journey to the next generation of business.

This session will provide a highly informative and detailed look look at the following topics:

  • A unique and insightful look at next-generation enterprise IT trends
  • An analysis of modern consumer IT overlaid with enterprise needs
  • A rethinking of the enterprise opportunity for technology adoption
  • Strategic stories: Case studies that expand the next-generation solution space
  • Connecting the dots: Creating a new vision for IT
  • A roadmap to next-generation enterprise: The obstacles, issues, and key points
  • Change management strategies for new technology and approaches to IT
  • Disruptive IT: Bring Your Own Device, Bring Your Own Apps, Business-Led Cloud, and other innovations
  • Adoption and Transition: How to get ahead of the consumerization treadmill
  • What's coming next: Big data, social business, touch-based interfaces
  • CoIT: A practical guide for combining IT and business functions.

Attendees will take away the following:

  • A clear sense of the major changes taking place in enterprise IT today
  • What new technologies are emerging that are driving change and their significance to the business
  • What techniques and approaches are working at addressing disruption and change
  • Specific examples of how consumerization is impacting organizations today
  • Who is being successful with next-generation IT and why
  • Specific, actionable strategies that will reduce adoption time and improve IT deliver