Sunday, September 9
1:00 pm - 6:00 pmRegistration
3:00 pm - 5:00 pmExecutive Roundtables

Moderated by a Computerworld editor or partner, these facilitated discussion groups are designed to get conversations rolling quickly and ideas flowing freely. We’ll fire off a few questions to get things started, and then guide the conversation to uncover best practices and great ideas.

3:00 pm - 5:00 pmBuilding Your Bench: Where and How to Find the Analytics Talent You Need
Greta Roberts, Faculty Member, International Institute for Analytics
Many businesses and IT organizations still lack the talent to take them to the next level of analytics sophistication. In this advice-packed roundtable discussion, Greta Roberts, Faculty Member, International Institute of Analytics, will draw on best practices from the IIA and her expertise in tracking talent analytics, to discuss where and how top analytics organizations find their best analytic talent in this era of Big Data. Greta will share some empirical data which will include early results from a broad study of analytics professionals in a variety of industries. The session will go over a variety of factors that reliably help identify great analytics professionals, including innate talent characteristics as a critical dataset in models measuring business performance. Come to this roundtable for a lively, in-depth discussion about the best ways to build your BI, Big Data and analytics bench.
Deriving Business Value from Big Data and Advanced Analytics
Jaikumar Vijayan, Senior Editor, Computerworld

What are the best approaches for harnessing and mining the massive amounts of structured and unstructured data that companies collect these days? What are the benefits? How to structure decisions from unstructured data? This session will examine which approaches work best, as well the new tools and technologies that are available today. Come join this lively discussion to learn ways to leverage new and existing technology investments in order to tap the power of Big Data.

5:00 pm - 6:00 pmComputerworld’s BIAP Kickoff 2012

It’s BIAP game time!  Whether you’re a first time rookie, or a seasoned veteran, be sure to join us as we kick-off this extraordinary event.  Beer will be on draft and sliders will be passed as you meet, greet and converse with fellow attendees.  Be sure to continue the great conversations in the Wigwam lobby bar where NFL games will be broadcast on the big screens.

Sponsored by Esri

Monday, September 10
8:00 am - 9:00 amRegistration and Networking Breakfast
9:00 am - 9:15 amWelcome and Opening Remarks
John Gallant, Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer, IDG Enterprise
9:15 am - 10:00 amDriving Big Results Through Big Data
Tamara Payne, Senior Vice President, IT, FedEx Services

Big data is more than applying emerging technologies to huge data sets. In today’s environment, big data is about using enterprise data, social media streams and business analytics to define customer strategy and drive bottom line results. Learn how FedEx is unlocking the potential of enterprise data and predictive analysis to drive business and transform the customer experience from a transaction to a conversation. Key topics include data challenges, implementation approaches and BI tools.

10:00 am - 10:30 amOpen Source and Analytics: Changing the Big Data Equation
Roberto Masiero, Vice President, ADP Innovation Lab

Like Linux before them, open source technologies, such as MongoDB and Hadoop, have started to make their way into the enterprise through the IT department and internal projects with increasing frequency. But with commercial open source offerings on the upswing, enterprise adoption is accelerating as more companies look to store, process and analyze extremely large volumes of data. In this presentation, learn how open source technologies are changing the big data equation at ADP (where data is literally their middle name). Roberto Masiero, VP of ADP’s Innovation Lab, will share how open source has aided their ability to work in a multi-tenancy environment in the cloud -- and what’s on the horizon for these fast-growing open source platforms in the ADP landscape.

10:30 am - 11:00 amNetworking Break

Enjoy refreshments and make new connections with attendees and sponsors.

11:00 am - 11:30 amCuring the Analytics Blind Spot: Location Analytics and BI
Chris Ovens, Director- Esri Location Analytics, Esri

Maps are ubiquitous in our world today, and your BI users want them in reports and easy-to-use dashboards. But while more than 80% of business data contains a geographic component, most organizations don’t take full advantage of it and they end up creating an “analytics blind spot.” Using mapping visualization with traditional BI delivers information more effectively— allowing users to see trends and relationships they would miss in traditional tables and charts.
In this session full of real world examples, learn how using Location Analytics can be seamlessly integrated with mission-critical business analytics to drive insight, understanding, and decision-making. We will delve into the capabilities of enterprise Location Analytics, including the following key components:
  • Mapping visualization
  • Spatial analytics
  • Geographic data enrichment
In addition, we’ll show how combining Location Analytics with BI can answer questions that are vital to the enterprise, such as:
  • Who are my best customers?
  • What do they buy?
  • What else should I know about them?
  • Where can I find more customers like them?
This presentation will show how integrating Location Analytics into your BI strategy will yield actionable insights that can help drive your business.

11:35 am - 12:05 pmBuilding the Roar of the Crowd
Jim Alexander, Senior Director, Business Analytics, Pittsburgh Pirates
Hear how the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball organization is using predictive analytics technology to identify customer trends --  including the notoriously fickle feelings of baseball fans -- to customize marketing programs aimed at retaining season ticket holders and attracting new ones. An early adopter and  leading edge user among major sports teams, the Pirates are analyzing a wide range of data, including  fans’ feelings about the team, previous ticket purchase patterns and social media interactions. Jim Alexander, senior director of business analytics offers up a play by play, including business and technology challenges, lessons learned and even some early stats.
Building An Information Factory at OGE Energy
Reid Nuttall, CIO, OGE Energy
Oklahoma City-based OGE Energy has billions of records of customer data, but no CRM system. Similarly, there is no system that takes advantage of all of the information the utility gathers from the thousands of switches and sensors attached to electric grid. There are numerous point solutions for various aspects of the business, but value comes from knowing how things relate to each other. That’s where the information factory comes in. Comprised of very fast hardware, a structured data model, BI tools and standardized web services, the “factory” gathers relevant information from various systems to provide output for analytics and visualization. CIO Reid Nuttall will describe the process of building several proof of concept visualization models that have been wildly successful in helping the business improve performance and take out cost.
12:05 pm - 1:15 pmNetworking Lunch with Discussion Tables

Gather actionable ideas that you can take home by joining one of our lunch discussion tables below:

  • Mobile BI
  • Cloud-Based BI
  • Finding the Analytics Talent You Need 
  • Assembling and Optimizing an Enterprise BI Portfolio
  • Mining Real-Time Data for Business Value
  • Driving Business Change with BI
  • Strategies for Predictive Analytics
  • Integrating Big Data and BI
  • BI Strategies for Mid-Sized Business
  • Open Source BI: Challenges and Strategies
  • Assembling a BI Dream Team
  • Best Practices for Managing a BI Project
1:15 pm - 2:00 pmThe Full Disclosure BI Conversation: A Panel Discussion
Michael Corcoran, CMO, Information Builders
Dan Vesset, Program Vice President, Business Analytics, IDC
Bill Yetman, Senior Director, Engineering,
Jack Phillips, CEO, International Institute for Analytics (IIA)

What are the latest trends in the BI landscape today, and what tools and solutions are on the horizon? A BI guru puts some of the cutting edge technologies and best practices under sharp scrutiny in this wide ranging and candid discussion with technology leaders and IT practitioners.

2:05 pm - 2:35 pmPanel Session: Intelligence, Integration, and Integrity: The Fundamental Components of BI
Michael Corcoran, CMO, Information Builders
Eric Matthews, CIO, Application Development City of Richardson
Cathy Wagner, Analytics and Research Manager, Minnesota Department of Education

How do you transform raw data into real business value? That’s the perennial question facing BI stakeholders everywhere. In this lively panel discussion with two Computerworld “Best of BI” award winners, you will learn how the effective use of intelligence, integration, and integrity technology can cover all of your information needs, from data inception to information quality and delivery. Whether it’s a public-facing BI portal for monitoring student achievement or a secure mobile application for dispatching fire and police personnel, all successful BI initiatives utilize the same essential technologies to integrate, enrich, and transform data into relevant, timely, and usable information. Businesses that adopt these architectural principles are sure to cut costs, reduce risk, achieve compliance, and improve business performance, laying a foundation for a real-time, connected enterprise.

Beyond Basic Maps … Why Smart Maps Matter!
James Killick, Development Manager, Esri

The consumerization of mapping began in 1996 when MapQuest map enabled thousands of retail web sites with store locators. The launch of Google Maps and the Google Maps API took that to the next level and now people expect to be able to see their data on a map.  But just seeing your data on a map is only the beginning. In this session, James Killick, a 25 year veteran of business and consumer mapping technology, will provide an overview of where mapping and map-based analytics is headed and how you will be able to use it in any business analytics system to provide greater insight and to make much more informed business decisions.

2:35 pm - 3:05 pmNetworking Break

Enjoy refreshments and make new connections with attendees and sponsors.

3:05 pm - 3:35 pmEveryman BI: Delivering Real-Time Data and Analytic Capabilities to Workers in the Field
Sam Lamonica, VP/CIO, Rosendin Electric
Learn how and why the IT team at Rosendin Electric built its first real-time data dashboards not for top executives, but for its electricians and other operations personnel on location at as many as 200 commercial building sites simultaneously. These workers can quickly drill down to ascertain up-to-the-minute labor costs, project performance, budget variances and other data that directly impacts the bottom line.
Improving Patient Outcomes at WellPoint
Rickey Tang, Vice President, Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer, WellPoint, Inc.

More than 34 million Americans (one in nine) are covered by a WellPoint affiliated health plan, making it one the nation’s largest health benefits company.   Learn how the health insurer is collaborating with IBM on a system aimed at improving patient outcomes through the delivery of up-to-date, evidence-based health care. IBM’s Watson technology is a computing system that can analyze the meaning and context of human language, quickly process vast amounts of information and provide responses to questions based on the evidence it finds. In pilot programs, physicians are using the WellPoint-Watson solution to help identify treatment options that balance the interactions of various drugs and treatment choices, enabling physicians to more quickly select the most effective treatment plans.

3:40 pm - 4:10 pmTop Factors for Business Analytics Success
Dan Vesset, Program Vice President, Business Analytics, IDC

It's not enough to have the best analysts or the best technology or the best data.The whole [of the business analytics solution] must be greater than the sum of its parts. Drawing on extensive IDC research and advisory services, this presentation will highlight best practices of leading business analytics solution adopters. IDC Decision Management Framework will be used to draw attention to the different types of decisions, decision makers, and their business analytics requirements. In addition, recommendations for evaluating business analytics technology, data, and staffing options will be discussed.

4:10 pm - 5:15 pmSpeed Networking With Your Peers and Sponsors
John Amato, Vice President & Publisher, Computerworld

You won’t want to miss this fun, casual and practical way to network that’s been highly rated by our previous attendees. This is a lightly structured opportunity to meet practitioners who have similar challenges in the arena of BI and analytics, and industry contacts who can solve them. Relax, learn and have fun – all at the same time!

5:15 pm - 6:15 pmSouth of the Border Reception

Come enjoy the tastes found south of the border!  Enjoy everything from fresh tomato salsa to the flavors of chipotle at this colorful and spicy reception. Refreshing cocktails will complete the backdrop for great conversations as we wind-down after a great day of sessions.

Tuesday, September 11
8:15 am - 9:15 amRegistration and Networking Breakfast
9:15 am - 9:30 amOpening Remarks
John Gallant, Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer, IDG Enterprise
9:30 am - 10:15 amOpening Keynote: Beyond Business and IT Alignment: Blurring the Lines to Achieve Rapid Results
Rickey Burks, SVP and CTO, USAA
A. Charles Thomas, VP Research and Analytics, USAA
Founded in 1922, USAA provides insurance, banking, investment, retirement and financial advice products and services to military service personnel and their families, and serves more than 9 million members. As part of an ongoing journey to develop analytical capabilities and tools, USAA recognized that IT and business areas needed to align more closely to fully realize the benefits of this infrastructure. As a result, the company chose to adopt multiple techniques, such as co-location, agile development models, and even isolated technical environments. In this keynote, Rickey Burks and Charles Thomas will discuss how USAA has been able to decrease time-to-market and increase business value by changing its approach to delivering business intelligence and truly "blurring the lines" between business and IT. They will also share some of the challenges, lessons learned, and success stories from USAA's experiences.
10:15 am - 10:45 amNetworking Break

Enjoy refreshments, chat with sponsors and meet attendees.

10:45 am - 11:30 amThe Road Ahead: An Executive Q&A
Rickey Burks, SVP and CTO, USAA
Tarek ElHadidi, CIO, Freescale Semiconductor
A. Charles Thomas, VP Research and Analytics, USAA
John Gallant, Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer, IDG Enterprise

Julia King will take the stage for a fireside chat with our keynote speaker to discuss the road ahead for BI and analytics and ongoing challenges and solutions. This highly interactive session includes ample time for audience participation.

11:30 am - 12:00 pmGetting To Yes: Strategic Use of BI for Growing Your Business
Yin Nawaday, Director, Analytics and Process Management, Diamond Resorts International
Hear how hospitality powerhouse Diamond Resort International uses analytics to improve customer satisfaction and deliver The Meaning of Yes.  As one of the largest vacation ownership companies in the world and with more than 200 branded and affiliated resorts, Diamond Resorts drives customer loyalty and growth through strategic deployment of its BI resources and technology.
BI in Healthcare: Forging a Path to Information-Driven Decision Making
Kevin Dawson, Director of Business Intelligence, Cancer Treatment Centers of America®
Healthcare organizations are often data rich and information poor. As data is an organization’s asset, it is to the benefit of the organization and its patients to leverage the collected data to its fullest potential. In the healthcare sector, the application of BI has great promise for improving patient safety, quality of care, and operational efficiency initiatives. But integrating healthcare data for useful insights and distributing reports and dashboards has a number of technological, organizational, as well as regulatory challenges. This presentation will demonstrate how Cancer Treatment Centers of America created its BI Strategic Roadmap and implemented the plan over the past several months. Kevin Dawson, director of BI for CTCA, will share how he built a BI dream team, chose the appropriate technology solutions, and initiated data architecture, data governance, and data quality improvement programs. In less than one year, the BI program achieved marked improvement in how CTCA uses its data.

12:00 pm - 1:00 pmNetworking Lunch
1:00 pm - 1:30 pmDessert Reception

Enjoy dessert, chat with sponsors and network with fellow attendees.

1:30 pm - 2:00 pmPanel Discussion: Navigating Your Big Data Future: A Technology Roadmap
Brandon Brown, Chief Information Officer , Trident Marketing
Paul Doscher, Chief Executive Officer, LucidWorks
Greta Roberts, Faculty Member, International Institute for Analytics
Ralph Thomas, Vice President, Strategic Analytics and Database Marketing, Seminole Gaming
Robert Stackowiak, Vice President, Data Systems Architecture & Business Intelligence, Oracle

Big data experts from leading technology providers and IT practitioners lay out their product and strategy roadmaps, specifically addressing users’ concerns around the scope and cost of Big Data initiatives, the skills required and how cloud, mobile and social fit into the overall picture.

2:00 pm - 3:15 pmThe World Café at BI & Analytics Perspectives
Shyam Desigan, CFO & Senior Vice President, IT, American Academy of Physician Assistants
Patricia LaFollette, Manager of Business Intelligence, Cancer Treatment Centers of America®
Eric Matthews, CIO, Application Development City of Richardson
Martin Matula, Technical Product Manager, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Beeline
TianBing Qian, VP of EMS Business Solutions, Celestica, Inc.
Chris Soong, Director of Enterprise Reporting & Analytics, Booz Allen Hamilton
Michael Taylor, Business Intelligence Manager, Parallon Business Group Solutions
Ralph Thomas, Vice President, Strategic Analytics and Database Marketing, Seminole Gaming
Cathy Wagner, Analytics and Research Manager, Minnesota Department of Education
John Gallant, Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer, IDG Enterprise

This lively, multi-topic workshop features winners of Computerworld Editors’ Best of BI Awards holding small-group discussions on how they are taking business intelligence to the next level. The workshop offers a more detailed look inside the workings of a wide range of innovative, high-value initiatives. Click here to view the list of winners and their discussion topics.

3:15 pm - 4:00 pmChanging the Future: From Data to Prophet
Tarek ElHadidi, CIO, Freescale Semiconductor

In this advice-packed session, you will hear how savvy IT organizations are exploiting data analytics to rule the market. Tarek ElHadid, the CIO of Freescale Semiconductor, will share his view of the BI & Analytics landscape – and how the capabilities that have been enabled through technological advancements are enhancing the role of IT organizations in all industries and size of company. Through the latest in BI and analytics, IT is now positioned to change the behavior of the organization through predictive analysis. This presentation will present examples of how and where IT has assumed this leadership through analytics role – and will also feature a snapshot of how things are likely to develop in this fascinating arena in the future.

4:00 pmClosing Remarks and Conference Concludes
John Gallant, Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer, IDG Enterprise