RSMP 2015
Why send your staff to the RSMP?
See what Christian Mutschlechner, Anna Gorska, Dave Sclanders and Ping Ho have to say:

Christian Mutschlechner,
Vienna Convention Bureau
Anna Gorska,
Expo XXI Warsaw International Expocentre

Dave Sclanders,
The Calgary TELUS
Convention Centre

Ping Ho
Malaysia Convention &
Exhibition Bureau

How many years have you been sending your staff to the RSMP?

Christian: I was sending all my staff to the RSMP, normally one staff member per year, so in total 10 years.

Anna: I have been sending my staff to the RSMP since three years already.

Dave: The Calgary TELUS Convention Centre had sent our Research Associate to the ICCA Research Sales and Marketing Programme for the last 3 years.

Ping: Since our Bureau was set up (3 years).

What convinced you that this event is a must-attend one?

Christian: RSMP is one of the key elements of personal education I provide to my staff within two to three years of when they join the Vienna Convention Bureau team. 

Anna: I think it is especially good for people who start their career in the meetings industry as it gives an overview of the whole. It provides an opportunity to establish international relations, share experience and innovation. Another great benefit is to get to know the right people. The meetings industry is about people we like and need to meet, we talk to each other and exchange different points of views. The RSMP is a great opportunity to expand business network.

Dave: In 2011 we hired our first ever Research Associate to support our Sales Managers efforts firstly in prioritizing the opportunities that had the greatest chance of success for us, secondly to improve the quality and quantity of customer detail the sales person had access to and thereby increasing the amount of actual personal customer interaction time Sales Managers had available.There was no “training manual” for a Research Associate role and few other Convention Centres in Canada had such a unique position. The ICCA RSMP offered the perfect vehicle to send our Research Associate where they would be able to learn from the actual people who work with the database, as well as have discussions/network with peers around the globe who fill a comparable role in both Bureaus and Centres. 

PingMainly the quality of the programme and the education component. For us, we normally send the younger staff who have just entered the meetings industry. It’s a really good platform to expose them to the international market, where they are able to meet others from a similar industry, network, exchange ideas and learn from each other.

What are the benefits you get from sending your staff to the RSMP?

Christian: There are many benefits - one is, of course, education and training. The second is to expand the personal network of each individual staff member in my team! And it is an excellent environment to meet, to talk and to network with senior people of the meeting industry, which sometimes is not so easy on other occasions.

Anna: Participation in the RSMP is a guarantee that you will learn about the most recent trends of our industry and gain a maximum of useful information you can use in your daily work. It is also the easy way to get some hot leads during such sessions as Business Exchange and work on them later to bring valuable congresses to your destination.

Dave: We have an expectation that our Research Colleague will come back from the RSMP with an overview on the most current global market place intelligence for our industry and any updated ICCA Database information process that we may take advantage of. 

Ping: I guess the most obvious would be the education and training, building international relationships and understanding how the industry works. Feedback from our team members is that the exposure and networking they have gained is really invaluable. They come back motivated and with a more structured approach to the way they do their work be it in terms of research or sales.  They are eager to share with the rest of the team on what they have learned. I highly recommend participating in the RSMP, as it’s something that you cannot offer in  a local context.