Fiduciary Investors Symposium, Mornington Peninsula
Analyse this: benchmarking success

November 17-19, 2014
Peppers Moonah Links,
Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Analyse this: benchmarking success

This conference will explore how funds measure performance and what benchmarks they use to determine the success or failure of their strategies. It will look at fees and returns. It will explore what constitutes just the right amount of information and where funds risk information overload. It will also explore the range of scenario analysis models and how these influence asset allocation. Lastly, it will ask what information investors should ask more of from their fund managers.

Note: This conference is intended for those who work within superannuation funds either in investment roles, as senior executives or as trustees. It is also open to investment consultants who advise super funds. It is not open to those who work for fund managers other than the official sponsors for this conference.