The Security Standard Executive Track 2014
Proactive Security Strategies for
the New Risk Landscape


In today’s digitized business world, aspiring CSOs and CISOs ideally need to lead with an aggressive, proactive posture for success.  Whether it’s foreign governments or insiders trying to steal intellectual property, cyber-criminals looking for open doors to customer records, or the new legal risks posed by amassing behavioral customer data, today’s successful CSOs and CISOs must demonstrate to company leadership that they not only prevent problems, but can also deal with them swiftly if they do occur.

  • How well equipped are you and your team to be proactive in addressing today’s threat environment?  
  • What strategies are leading CSOs and CISOs using to identify and minimize strategic and tactical risks?
  • What can you learn from candid discussions with industry-leading security executives to move your organization forward?
Join us for The Security Standard Executive Track produced by CSO and taking place at HP Protect, HP’s largest security conference of the year.  When you do, you’ll meet executive peers who face similar challenges -- and you’ll gain fresh insights on leading strategies you can use right away in your organization.