2014 ONPHA Conference and Trade Show
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Shaw Centre & The Westin Ottawa

One-Day Trade Show: Friday, November 14

Join us at our annual trade show, where exhibitors showcase their latest products and services to help you with your property management, maintenance and administrative needs.

Pick up your delegate bag, grab a meal, get a massage during your lunch break and win prizes on the trade show floor!

Not staying for the conference, but want to attend the trade show? Pick up a guest pass at the trade show desk and get free access from 1:30-3 p.m.


Alterna Savings
Appliance Canada
Byng Group
Certified Clean Air Services
Collins Barrow
DeafBlind Ontario Services
Debsel Inc
DMS Property Management
The Dream Team
ECNG Energy L.P.
EMCO Corporation
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.
First General Services
HD Supply
Facilities Maintenance Canada
Housing Services Corp
Building Supplies Ltd
Institute of Housing Management
Infrastructure Ontario
Keyesbury Distributing Appliance Sale and Service
Magical Pest Control
Morneau Shepell
Miller Waste Solutions Group
NewViews Accounting Software (QW Page Associates)
The Non-Smokers' Rights Association
Northgate Information Solutions
Ottawa Home Services
Investment Services
Pioneering Technology
Playground Planners
POLY-MOR Canada Inc.
Prentice Yates & Clark, Chartered Accountants
Recreation Playsystems
Reliance Home Comfort
RespondPlus Flooring Services
Rooftops Canada
Sherwin Williams
Solar Wall
Union Gas Limited
Ventilation Maximum Ltée
Virta Energy Consultants
Water Matrix
YES Energy Management

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Accurate Roof Solutions Ltd. (ARS)

Booth: 106

ARS is a solution based company originally formed to perform concise affordable roof inspections as well as to source product based solutions for there clients. We are featuring the Sleeve Sentry which solves the Heat loss around AC inserts and the resulting tenant discomfort.

Website: www.accurateroofsolutions.com / www.sleevesentry.com

Akler, Browning, Frimet & Landzberg LLP

Booth: 411

For over two decades, Akler, Browning, Frimet & Landzberg LLP has been providing auditing, accounting and systems advice to the non-profit housing sector.

Website: www.abfl.ca

Alterna Savings

Booth: 212

An ONPHA Best Deals Partner. Alterna is a full-service financial institution offering a comprehensive, money-saving package of banking services specifically for ONPHA member housing providers. Loans, mortgages, Lines of Credit and investment services are also available. Contact us for a free costs/earnings comparison.

Website: www.alterna.ca

Appliance Canada

Booth: 225

Sales and rental for commercial and industrial laundry, Safe-T-Element, Mattress regular and Frabresan Fabric "Anti-Bed Bugs" Mattress Cover.

Website: www.appliancecanada.com

Arcori Inc.

Booth: 402

Arcori Inc. is an innovative software and consulting company providing strategic and sustainable solutions through the integration of technical and client services. At Arcori, our values drive the quality of our work and ensure a value-added approach in our services.

Website: www.arcori.com

The Beading Drum - Jewelry Originals

Booth: 209

Kelly Nahwegahbow Marsolais is an Ojibway Jewelry Artist and is a member of Whitefish River First Nation, Birch Island, Ontario. The founder of The Beading Drum Jewelry Originals, she creates wearable art for every day. Kelly deeply believes that her creations begin their own special life once in a client’s hands.

BioSweep Canada

Booth: 500

BioSweep Canada™ provides safe, cost-effective decontamination services for a wide range of issues including permanent eradication of any indoor odour. In addition to destroying air and surface viruses and bacteria, BioSweep also eliminates all forms of air and surface allergens, providing high-level disinfection.

Website: www.biosweep.ca

The Byng Group

Booth: 433

The Byng Group is a fully insured, full-service interior renovation general contractor, specializing in multi-residential suite upgrades and common area maintenance and renovations. Our custom software, project management staff and integrated manufacturing yield outstanding savings in time and money.

Website: www.thebynggroup.com

Certified Clean Air Services

Booth: 227

Certified Clean Air Services is your Indoor Environmental Quality specialist. We specialize in dryer and vent cleaning, make up air cleaning, mould testing and remediation, in-suite bathroom and kitchen exhaust vent cleaning, energy audits and efficiency, water efficiency, and more.

Website: www.certifiedcleanair.ca

Charron Parent

Booth: 325

We have a proven track record of many years of experience in HST and have been instrumental in helping Agencies to comply with legal obligations and to identify refunds. Let’s make sure that ALL your resources are put to work.

Website: www.charronparent.com

Coinamatic Canada

Booth: 120

Coinamatic is the leading provider of coin and card vended laundry equipment and service to public housing authorities across Canada providing ultimate customer service with a 24/7 multilingual live voice call centre supported by a dedicated service team. As a company focused on green initiatives, Coinamatic ensures that products and services are not only great for the Clients, but also have a positive impact on the environment!

Website: www.coinamatic.com

Collins Barrow

Booth: 419

Collins Barrow is the 8th largest accountancy firm in Canada, known as the mid-market alternative for audit, tax and advisory solutions.

Website: www.collinsbarrow.com

CORCAN- Correctional Service of Canada

Booth: 226

CORCAN is a special operating agency of the Correctional Service Canada where offenders learn marketable skills working in a realistic work environment manufacturing furniture products. This program better prepares them to become productive citizens for their release back into society.

Website: www.csc-scc.gc.ca/corcan-catalogue/index-eng.shtml

DeafBlind Ontario Services

Booth: 127

Founded in 1989, DeafBlind Ontario Services is celebrating 25 years as the largest not-for-profit organization in Ontario providing Intervenor, residential and other specialized services to individuals who are deafblind in communities throughout the province.

Website: www.deafblindontario.com

Debsel Inc.

Booth: 126

Debsel Inc. offers a large selection of appliances: Commercial & Industrial Laundry Machines (sales & lease), Card Systems, Mattresses, and Electronics.

Website: www.debsel.com

Demtroys Technology

Booth: 102

Demtroys offers a leading heat control solution in the multi-residential market, combining energy savings and tenant comfort. The system shows savings between 10 and 35& (mean savings 19&). It is adapted for the social/low income housing market, particularly due to the wireless technology for existing buildings.

Website: www.demtroys.com

DMS Property Management

Booth: 412

DMS, the largest private manager of Not For Profit Housing, has a team of specialists who, for over thirty years, have been dedicated to providing the best of property management services to Investor, Government, private non-profit and co-operative housing organizations.

Website: www.dmsproperty.com

Dulux Paints Canada

Booth: 210

Dulux Paints Canada is proud to be your Best Deals partner for all your paint and fashion products. We offer industry leading and environmentally friendly products like: “Dulux Lifemaster-The green choice", Window coverings, Residential & Commercial Wall coverings, Flooring, Specialty coatings - Anti-Slip, Fire Retardants and Anti Graffiti that cover all your requirements.

Website: www.dulux.ca

The Dream Team

Booth: 208

The Dream Team is a group of individuals living with mental health and/or addiction issues who are dedicated to demonstrating the life-altering benefits of supportive housing. They are based out of Toronto and are currently celebrating their 15 Anniversary.

Website: www.thedreamteam.ca

EMCO Corporation

Booth: 104

EMCO is Canada’s largest plumbing wholesaler, established in London, Ontario in 1906. EMCO delivers plumbing products to our customers with two daily deliveries, offers expertise and stands behind all our products. EMCO Ottawa currently has two locations to service our customers in both the East and West sides of Ottawa.

Website: www.emcoottawa.com

ECNG Energy L.P.

Booth: 213

An ONPHA Best Deals partner. Since 1987, ECNG Energy L.P. has been the leading provider of objective energy procurement and energy management services to Associations as well as Industrial, Commercial and Institutional consumers of natural gas and electricity.

Website: www.ecng.com

Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.

Booth: 300

For over 15 years Enbridge Gas has offered energy efficiency programs to help customers use energy wisely and save money. In partnership with GLOBE-Housing Services Corp., Enbridge can help housing providers make better homes for their residents.

Website: www.enbridge.com/gas

Encasa (formerly SHSC Financial Inc.)

Booth: 309

Encasa (formerly SHSC Financial Inc.) offers non-profit and co-operative housing providers across the country investment options for their capital reserves. Come and learn more about Encasa and how the Social Housing Investment Program has delivered successful results for hundreds of housing providers in Ontario.

Website: www.encasa.ca


Booth: 130

EnviroCentre is a non-profit organization offering practical services, programs and products which help you conserve energy, improve environmental health and act more sustainably.

Website: www.envirocentre.ca


Booth: 425

New innovative semi-underground 7 yard deep waste container. No need for special pick up equipment, works for standard front loading trucks. Engineer certified for 1500kg loads for 700 lifts. We work with you to solve your waste and recycling needs.

Website: www.rtscompaniesinc.com

First General Services Canada

Booth: 400

First General is your full service, 80 location, 2000 employee, 30 year old, North American contracting network. Our trained technicians respond immediately to your fire, water escape and sewer or drain backup emergencies, 24/7/365. We specialize in stabilizing and thereby minimizing the initial damage and providing an immediate detailed quotation for any repairs.

Website: www.firstgeneral.ca

FirstOnSite Restoration

Booth: 132

FirstOnSite is the largest independent disaster restoration company in Canada. Floods, fires and wind - we help you prepare prior to a disaster, and in restoring order afterward. We have helped thousands of property owners with solutions for disaster mitigation.

Website: www.FirstOnSite.caa

Fritzall Energy Solutions

Booth: 128

Fritzall Energy Solutions partners with our clients to maximize their access to the grants provided under the Save On Energy program and is committed to providing our clients with solutions that immediately reduce operating costs, save energy and improve profitability.

Website: www.fritzall.com

Hallsall Associates

Booth: 501

Halsall Associates is an engineering company with a passion for sustainability. Our experts provide the non-profit housing industry with building evaluation, renewal, re-commissioning and green design services, performance audits and reserve fund studies for thousands of buildings of all types, sizes and ages across Ontario.

Website: www.halsall.com

HD Supply Facilities Maintenance Canada

Booth: 311

An ONPHA Best Deals partner. HD Supply Facilities Maintenance offers an industry-leading combination of convenient order access, superior fill rate levels, and next-day delivery on over 9,600 maintenance and repair products. Use us as your single source supplier for all of your property maintenance needs.

Website: www.hdsupplysolutions.ca

Housing Services Corp.

Booth: 301, 303

HSC focuses on the long-term health of Ontario’s social housing asset. Our services help providers improve building efficiency and reduce utility costs; support practical and cost-effective risk management; and help maximize capital dollars via effective asset and data management.

Website: www.hscorp.ca

H&S Building Supplies Ltd.

Booth: 410

H&S Building Supplies Ltd. is a Canadian owned and operated business since 1992. We specialize in providing your property with quality building material from plumbing, electrical to doors, paint and much more. With over 14,000 products, H&S is your one stop for it all.

Website: www.hsbuild.com

Infrastructure Ontario

Booth: 211

Infrastructure Ontario is a provincial Crown corporation that provides housing providers, municipalities and other public sector entities with access to affordable long-term financing to help build and renew infrastructure. Together with our clients, Infrastructure Ontario has helped finance hundreds of infrastructure projects.

Website: www.infrastructureontario.ca

Institute of Housing Management

Booth: 313

IHM is an educational body dedicated to promoting and enhancing skills and knowledge of individuals in the private and public property management industry for over 30 years. IHM's compulsory courses provide essential information for anyone seeking a career in the property management field.

Website: www.ihm-canada.com

IRC Building Sciences Group

Booth: 101

IRC is Ontario’s premier roof and pavement consulting, building envelope and structural engineering firm. Our services in these disciplines include non biased Condition Assessments, Design/Specification/Tendering and Quality Observation. We have offices in Windsor, London, Waterloo, Mississauga, Sudbury and Ottawa.

Website: www.www.ircgroup.com

Keyesbury Distributing Appliance Sales and Service

Booth: 111, 113

Keyesbury Distributing Appliance Sales & Service supply name brand appliances throughout Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. Specializing in property management supply. We provide next day appliance delivery along with prompt warranty and non-warranty repair service from our team of professional technicians.

Website: www.keyesbury.com

Lumenix Inc.

Booth: 114

Lumenix is the trusted leader for LED retrofits in Ontario. Our full service includes site-audit, rebate processing, install and post-service. Our solution guarantees 100% government incentive collection, option for 0% project financing and warranty coverage on parts/labor for 5 years.

Website: www.lumenix.ca

Magical Pest Control

Booth: 326

Magical Pest Control provides commercial, residential and industrial pest control services, pigeon control and odour control across Ontario. Magical Pest Control is the only Pest Control Company in Ontario who offers ThermaPure Heat to eradicate bedbugs.

Website: www.magicalpest.ca

Marsh Canada Limited

Booth: 302

Marsh is a global leader in insurance broking and risk management. We help clients succeed by defining, designing, and delivering innovative industry-specific solutions that help them effectively manage risk.

Website: www.marsh.ca

Miller Waste Solutions Group

Booth: 310

Servicing non-profits in all of Ontario, WSG manufactures, repairs & services garbage & linen chutes, compactors, containers, odour control systems, & TriSorter recycling systems. Full service welding. Professional garbage chute & compactor cleaning. Call for organics collection consultation. Offices in Toronto, Ottawa and London.

Website: www.wastesolutions.ca

Morneau Shepell

Booth: 421

Morneau Shepell is Canada’s only consulting and outsourcing company that takes an integrative approach to health, benefits, retirement, and employee assistance needs. Our clients are progressive leaders across North America seeking to enhance the health, productivity, and financial security of their people.

Website: www.morneaushepell.com

NewViews Accounting Software (QW Page Associates)

Booth: 408

NewViews for Non-Profit Housing is a powerful and affordable accounting solution for the Non-Profit Housing sector. Books can easily be customized to meet the specific needs of individual Housing Providers, and instant access to real-time data is always available.

Website: www.newviews.com

The Non-Smokers' Rights Association

Booth: 327

The NSRA provides FREE consulting services and technical assistance to landlords and property managers seeking assistance with the adoption and implementation of no-smoking policies. Smoke-free housing will save you money, protect your investment and yield happier tenants and a healthier building.

Website: www.smokefreehousingon.ca

Northgate Information Solutions

Booth: 308

Northgate Housing Management software helps clients worldwide to improve services and reduce costs. The solution has a wide business focus with features such as mobile working, self-service, business intelligence and real-time integration. The solution is flexible and configurable to support you in enhancing your ways of working. Helping you get this design right is key to every Northgate implementation.

Website: www.northgate-is.com

Orkin Canada

Booth: 108

Orkin Canada, is Canada's largest pest control provider and a leader in the development of fast, effective and environmentally responsible pest control solutions. Our professionals are the best in the business and we're ready to help you anywhere in Canada, 24 hours a day.

Website: www.orkincanada.com

Ottawa Home Services

Booth: 502

Heating, cooling, water heater rentals, annual furnace cleaning, 24 hour emergency service, A+ rating with better business bureau.

Website: www.ottawahomeservices.ca

PH&N Investment Services

Booth: 309

At PH&N Investment Services, we provide investment solutions to Canadian investors, combining the best elements of independence and advice. You maintain control and decision-making over your investments while benefitting from direct access to a knowledgeable Investment Funds Advisor whenever you need it. Plus, you get exceptional service and low fees.

Website: www.encasa.ca

Pioneering Technology

Booth: 224

Pioneering Technology Corp.'s Safe-T-element® “easy install” cooking system does not require a professional installation and may be installed in only 5 minutes. The cooking system is engineered to help prevent stovetop cooking fires (the #1 cause of apartment/household fires in Canada) and reduce the amount of electricity required to cook.

Website: www.pioneeringtech.com

Playground Planners

Booth: 110

We are serious about play! Playground Planners is an independent consulting firm providing playground expertise to the Eastern Ontario region. With over 20 years of experience in the playground industry, we are passionate about providing safe, stimulating, age appropriate play - combined with exciting challenges for all!

Website: www.playgroundplanners.com

POLY-MOR Canada Inc.

Booth: 125

POLY-MOR Canada can solve the problem of shifting and settled concrete using high density closed cell polyurethane to lift, realign, under seal or void-fill concrete slabs. We inject 100% non-toxic LEED approved polyurethane components using small (5/8”) holes drilled directly through the concrete.

Website: www.poly-mor.ca

Prentice Yates & Clark, Chartered Accountants

Booth: 201

Specialists in non-profit housing year-end audit services including compliance reporting with funders and CRA filings. Consulting services in the areas of HST, internal controls and systems analysis.

Website: www.pyc.net

The Printing House

Booth: 103

The Printing House has a wide range of capabilities that include brochures, flyers, business cards, banners, posters, banner stands, trade show booths, custom books, video books, and so much more. Come talk to us for Professional Corporate Printing.

Website: www.tph.ca

Recreation Playsystems

Booth: 427

Recreation Playsystems supplies Playground Equipment, Shelters, Shade Structures and Site Furnishings to serve all your property needs. We will work with you and your budget to create a unique solution to your total outdoor property needs.

Website: www.rtscompaniesinc.com

Reliance Home Comfort

Booth: 413

Reliance is one of the largest home comfort providers in Canada with over 1.4 million customers, and a large network of trained and licensed technicians to respond to our customers' home comfort needs 24/7/365. Our mission is to be the Destination of Choice for Canadians wanting warmth in the winter, cool air in the summer and an endless supply of hot water.

Website: www.reliancehomecomfort.com

RespondPlus Flooring Services

Booth: 401

RespondPlus Flooring has been a Best Deals Partner for the past 8 years providing quality flooring products, installations and service to fit your budget! Multi-residential settings and quick turnovers are our speciality – call us today at 905-567-7474!

Website: www.respondplus.ca

Rooftops Canada

Booth: 112

Rooftops Canada is the international development program of ONPHA and other social and co-op housing organizations in Canada. Rooftops Canada works with African partners to improve housing conditions and build sustainable communities.

Website: www.rooftops.ca

Sherwin Williams

Booth: 403

Sherwin Williams is North America's largest paint manufacturer and your one-stop shop for paints, stains, floor covering and wall covering. With 185 stores coast to coast, there is a Sherwin Williams close to you.

Website: www.sherwin-williams.com

SolarWall - Conserval Engineering

Booth: 424

SolarWall® air heating systems have helped 30 social housing providers across Ontario permanently reduce the large costs associated with heating building ventilation air. With more than 25 years’ experience and projects in over 35+ countries, SolarWall systems are perfectly suited for multi-residential facilities, especially in a building re-cladding project.

Website: www.solarwall.com


Sparkle Solutions

Booth: 426

Sparkle Solutions provides a revenue sharing package that transforms your laundry facilities into a profit centre, through our leading-edge, energy-efficient machines and revenue solutions. Sparkle understands and adapts to landlords' needs: from energy conservation to technical services, to maximization of laundry income.

Website: www.sparklesolutions.ca

Union Gas Limited

Booth: 122

Union Gas Limited is a major Canadian natural gas storage, transmission and distribution company based in Ontario with over 100 years service to customers. Since 1997, Union Gas Energy Efficiency programs have helped Ontario residents and businesses save over 6 billion cubic metres of natural gas, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by the equivalent of 2.1 million cars for a year.

Website: www.uniongas.com

Ventilation Maximum Ltée

Booth: 312

Manufacturer of storm proof roof ventilators for attic air circulation, eliminating problems such as moisture condensation and ice damming. Consulting services available.

Website: www.ventilation-maximum.com

Virta Energy Consultants Inc.

Booth: 324

30 years of solid experience in the Energy Management Business. Our proficiency not only comes from solid engineering practices, but actual construction and mechanical installation experience, giving you real world costs & savings.

Website: www.virtagroup.ca

Water Matrix

Booth: 109

Water Matrix is Canada's leading source for water efficiency projects for Multi-Residential properties. We offer a free analysis of your building’s potential for water savings and manage all aspects of a toilet, showerhead, and faucet aerator replacement program.

Website: www.watermatrix.com


Booth: 200, 202

Yardi Systems is the industry leader in providing property management software and services. Yardi’s real estate management platform integrates property management and accounting in a centralized database.

Website: www.yardi.com

YES Energy Management

Booth: 203

YES Energy Management provides a complete solution for your utility cost recover needs. As a pioneer in the industry, we know exactly what our customers need from a utility management provider. We are equipped to deal with your needs in the present–and the future.

Website: www.yesenergymanagement.com

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