Vitalize 2014: Recharge Your Power
Friday, June 6 - Block 1 - 8:30 to 10:00 am
Glen 201
Glen 202
1B - Take Your Board to the Next Level [More Info]
Mr. Bill Brandon
Glen 203
1C - Income Tax & GST Obligations of a Nonprofit Organization and Exposure to Personal Liability for Volunteers or Paid Directors [More Info]
Esmail Bharwani
Glen 204
1D - The March Towards Zero & the Power of a Generation (FR/EN) [More Info]
Graeme Watt, LimeLight Group Communications Group Inc.
Glen 205
1E - Be Curious, An Introduction to Social Enterprise [More Info]
Chris Moss
Glen 206
1F - Emotional Intelligence: Be SMART About Your SMARTS! [More Info]
Dr. June Donaldson, Speakers’ Bureau of Alberta
Glen 209
1G - Creating Powerful Events with Government and Volunteers [More Info]
Jeremy Heighton, Spellbinders
Telus 101/102
1H - Successful Social Media and Online Fund Development Campaigns [More Info]
David McGruther
Telus 108/109
1I - Recharge Your Communications Using the Power of Whole Brain Thinking [More Info]
David Saxby, Speakers’ Bureau of Alberta
Telus 111
1J - An Overview of Google Drive [More Info]
Shawn Gramiak