2014 TAPPI Paper Machine Operations Course

The Paper Machine is an impressive sight even from the distance it requires for a full view.

It's massive, technical and maybe overwhelming at times.

TAPPI's popular, highly regarded Paper Machine Operations Course is designed to put it all into better focus.

This course helps you build confidence and knowledge of overall paper machine operations.  You'll learn how the many processes work, their connections, and how your role can influence outcome.

In three efficiently planned days, the course instructors - whom your peers describe as "excellent" in course evaluations - will provide for you a fundamental understanding of fiber properties and the way the mechanical components function on the paper machine.

You will gain the tools needed to quickly troubleshoot operational problems, improve paper machine operations and heighten product quality.

You will learn how to:

  • Describe how the mechanical components and operations of the paper machine affect the structure of paper and thus the quality.
  • Identify design and operating features of the paper machine that affect performance.
  • Identify ways to improve paper machine efficiency and product quality based on a new understanding of the overall operation.
You'll get to take back with you a binder with copies of the slide presentations, diagrams and other visuals from this course so that you can reference all of the comprehensive content back at your facility.

This course will be particularly helpful to:

  • Paper machine operators
  • Technicians
  • Process engineers
  • Product development engineers from paper manufacturers
  • Service technicians & engineers from clothing, chemical and other suppliers
It is applicable to individuals with minimal experience around a paper machine, as well as operators who have considerable hands-on operational experience.

Please note:   This course is NOT intended for employees of tissue companies.

TAPPI has plenty of other training opportunities for those interested in learning more about tissue operations.

Learn more about the 2014 TAPPI Tissue 101 Course at PaperCon in Nashville in April 2014.

You may also want to take a quick glance through the 2014 Spring Training Brochure that lists many opportunities coming up soon.