MEMS Executive Congress Europe 2014

Panel 1 - MEMS in Automotive

Historically the growths of the MEMS industry and the automotive industry have been tightly aligned. MEMS have been critical to advancements in the automotive industry for decades, starting with low-cost pressure sensors and accelerometers in airbag crash sensors and other automotive safety and environmental control applications. Recently, we are seeing a distinct change in the automotive landscape. On the one hand, we see the rise of BRIC (Brazil Russia India China) countries and their demand for automobiles - while at the same time in more developed countries we are seeing a decline in automobile ownership. How are European automotive leaders dealing with these changes? Will the promise of a connected car to a connected road in a connected city (all part of the Internet of Things) be the answer? Come listen to this diverse panel of experts from the automotive industry discuss how their companies are addressing this changing environment and what role they see for MEMS and sensors.

Panel 2 - MEMS in Consumer Products

Today, MEMS and sensors are seemingly in every product consumers want - from the smartwatch on your wrist to the thermostat on your wall. Consumers are demanding more functionality of their products, and MEMS are helping to dramatically improve the user experience at decreasing price points. What expertise and advantage do European companies bring to the market that is unique from the rest of the world? What are the challenges that European-based companies are facing as they compete on the global market? This panel of end-users, integrators and device manufacturers will address these issues and more; engaging with the audience on what strategies will likely succeed in this very cost-conscience market. Join in on this exciting conversation.

Panel 3 – MEMS in Health and Wellness

From wearables that diagnose sleep apnea to an app for your iPhone that can help you determine if your child is having an asthmatic episode; we all are seeing the enabling power of MEMS and sensors in health/wellness products today. This panel will discuss the increasing commercialization of health/wellness as consumers are empowered to take charge of their healthcare. Panelists will discuss how MEMS is facilitating a better quality of life with regard to prevention, monitoring, management, replacement and rehab through innovation and engineering. Where will the innovations take us? How will users (and providers) manage the “big data” generated by these devices? What about the challenges of reducing form factor as well as power consumption? What advances are taking place in Europe? You do not want to miss this panel that will address the key issues in health and wellness and the increasing role of MEMS.