MEMS Executive Congress Europe 2014
 Who Should Attend?

MEMS Executive Congress is for senior-level executives in the MEMS supply chain, and companies integrating MEMS into end products. Attendees include (but are not limited to):
  • The full MEMS supply chain, including: device manufacturers, foundries, equipment and materials suppliers and industry consultants

  • Buyers of MEMS that integrate the devices into applications that enhance motion sensing, deliver drugs, orientation sensing, thermal sensing, image stabilization, and more

  • Analysts from inside and outside the MEMS industry

  • Investors interested in learning more about MEMS innovation

  • Innovators and Start-up companies primed to change our lives and experiences through their pioneering uses of the enabling power of MEMS

For a more detailed look at who attends MEMS Executive Congress, please view the attendee demographics.