MIG Conference – Japan

Don't miss the chance to spend a week in Japan, AND attend these conferences:

April 23 - Nano Micro Biz and ROBOTECH

Nano Micro Biz and ROBOTECH is the integrated business platform combining showcase of latest exhibits and business seminars on newfangled technologies on Micro/Nano and Service-Robot Manufacturing Technologies.  

April 24 - MEMS Industry Group Conference Japan

This is the inaugural MEMS Industry Group Conference Japan.  It is a one-of-a-kind international technical conference, with a focus on discussing critical global MEMS supply chain challenges.  

April 25 - MEMS Engineer Forum 2014

The MEMS Engineer Forum will hold its sixth forum on Friday, the 25th of April in Tokyo, Japan,  This forum is a unique opportunity operated mainly among engineers close to the MEMS technology, which is the vital key for the 21st century.