11th Annual OBP
Please visit www.oregonleadershipsummit.org to register for the January, 6 2015 summit.

What’s Next?

Last year’s Leadership Summit led to major policy gains in 2013. Join us this year to help us build on that momentum for 2014 and beyond.

The top priorities coming out of last year’s Leadership Summit defined Oregon’s public policy debate in 2013. You said: Fix PERS. Invest Wisely in Education. Build the Bridge. Policymakers took these recommendations to heart, enacting major bills on these and other elements of the Oregon Business Plan.

So, what comes next?

We need your help defining the agenda. Oregon’s economic recovery has been uncertain and uneven. Progress on the Oregon Business Plan goals to grow jobs, raise incomes and reduce poverty is slow. We have significant work to do to maintain and enhance our infrastructure, train Oregon's workforce, improve the health of our forests and rural communities, and implement the major changes in healthcare and education that the legislature and Governor enacted over the past few years. Join us on December 9 to define what's next.

At the Summit:

• Learn what’s happening in technology, manufacturing, athletic and outdoor gear, natural resource and other key Oregon industries.    Where are these industries heading as the economy recovers and what policies will help them grow high wage jobs here in Oregon?

• Shape the next steps for turning Oregon’s P-20 education and workforce training reforms into more degrees and better results for students, employees and employers.

• Bring your best ideas for economic policies and investments to shape the 2015 Oregon Business Plan agenda across all of the Business Plan initiatives, from forest health to innovation to industrial lands.

We’ll see you there!

After you register, please check www.oregonbusinessplan.org for the latest news and updates on the Oregon Business Plan.