PSATS' 2023 Annual Educational Conference and Exhibit Show

PSATS Conference Videos


Back to the Conference: Part II

PSATS Executive Director Dave Sanko returns with the next episode of “Back to the Conference!” Does Dave make it out of the past and back on the “Road to the Future” to see what township life is like 100 years from now? Find out what happens next when you watch “Back to the Conference: Part II!”


What happens when PSATS Executive Director Dave Sanko gets behind the wheel of the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future? After checking the flux capacitor and loading up Mr. Fusion, Dave is ready to get on the Road to the Future for PSATS’ 100th Conference.

If you are a first-timer or haven’t been to a PSATS Conference in a while, you probably have a LOT of questions
and the PSATS staff is here to help!
View the recording of the What-You-Need-To-Know Webinar
to see what you missed
Whether it is the workshops, the exhibit show, the line-up of guest speakers, or the endless opportunities to network with others, every Pennsylvania township official and employee has a reason to attend the PSATS Annual Conference.