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How to Drive Strong Compliance with Your Meetings Policies
18 September 2013
11:00am - 12:00pm US- EDT (UTC -5)

Establishing strong compliance with meeting policies is a key issue for travel and meeting managers today. With the need for accurate record keeping, adherence to company guidelines and adoption of project objectives it can be hard to begin to tackle issues related to Strategic Meetings Management compliance. With or without a mandate, stakeholders from all departments need to understand the reason for policies, guidelines, and the benefits of adherence. In this webinar hear from travel and meeting managers who have successfully implemented and managed these policies and guidelines.   Learn the importance of internal buy-in, change management, and data aggregation in creating and maintaining compliance to these policies.

Moderated By:

  • Shimon Avish, President- Shimon Avish Consulting LLC

Panelist Include:

  • Kim Villines, Meeting Planning Services Technology & Production Manager- McKinsey & Company
  • Jennifer A Steinke, President- Innovative Managed Travel