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Wednesday, October 26, 2022 from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm CST Zoom Meeting

October Women Owned Wednesday

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What is Austin Women Owned Wednesday?

This virtual event features small group networking and a keynote presentation
focused on a business topic relevant to the Austin community. For the first
30 minutes of the event, attendees are broken out into small groups to
foster connections.
There are 10 luncheons in 2022, held January
through October, typically on the fourth Wednesday of the month. 

Questions? Contact WBCS Senior Director of Programs, Elizabeth Garner.

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Getting Unstuck

This Wisdom of Simplification
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In his classic Harvard Business Review article called Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow, author Larry Greiner explains that all businesses and people go through periods of growth and crisis/stagnation. Just as a baby grows quickly sometimes and then her growth stalls, so do adults and organizations. Are you or your company stuck? It happens to all of us! Learn six ways that you can get unstuck, including to simplify, predict, systematize, structure, delegate, or taking time for Clarity Breaks. 

This presentation is interactive, so come prepared with your own “stucked-ness” issues to discuss in small groups.

At the conclusion of this workshop, you will walk away with a set of simple, practical tools that you can use immediately to:

  • Identify the kind of stuck you are in – business, professional, both
  • The importance of reviewing your values and BHAG during stuck times
  • Apply six tools that every leader needs in her toolbelt
  • Understand that being stuck is a productive period if put to good use
  • Clearly describe your expectations of people and hold them accountable
  • Communicate expectations and direction regularly and effectively to your team
  • Delegate tasks that are holding you back from being a more effective leader
  • Develop your team members’ talents to do and be more
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Kristin Robertson
Professional EOS Implementer
EOS Worldwide

Kristin Robertson is an EOS Implementer, executive coach, and leadership development trainer who enables leaders to effect positive change in their businesses. As an EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Implementer, she brings decades of experience working at and consulting/coaching leaders at over 236 companies both large and small.  She recognizes that EOS is the best way to instill discipline and accountability in a smaller company, therefore enabling it to grow exponentially. EOS allows her to fulfill her calling to change the world by helping leaders build positive, productive, and performance-enhancing businesses.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2022
11:30 am - 12:00 pm
Announcements and Networking [More Info]
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Presentation [More Info]

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This event is open to everyone.

Registration is open until the event begins.

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Available until the event begins


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Each sponsorship level includes event admissions and branding. Contact Lindsay Pittard to secure a sponsorship. Email Lindsay Now




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Company First Name Last Name
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AMP CreativeSamreenAslam
AMP CreativeLisaWarner
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BCM Engineered SolutionsBrianneMartin
Brio Leadership, an EOS Implementer CompanyKRISTINROBERTSON
Bullseye Database MarketingDallasJudd
Bullseye Database MarketingDeborah KobeNorris
Business Control Systems, LPDianneFerguson
C [ Back to top ]
Comco SystemsLauren Cummings
Comco SystemsElizabethReese
D [ Back to top ]
Dream4self Business Services, LLCFeliciaStreeter
H [ Back to top ]
Havens & Company, Inc.DianeGreen
I [ Back to top ]
Improve GrowthBrisaRenteria
M [ Back to top ]
Mama Moore's Gourmet PopcornDebraMoore
P [ Back to top ]
Pessin Holdings IncNickyPessin
R [ Back to top ]
Rebel NellKimberlyPomeroy
S [ Back to top ]
Springbach Consulting LLCShelleyStaten
W [ Back to top ]
Wisdom CounselorsJa'netChappelle
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Act intentionally with companies that support you
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