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July 19, 20, and 21 from 10:30 am - 12:00 pm CST each day Zoom Meeting

July Stage Series

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What is Stage Series?


Stage Series is a new bi-monthly offering exclusively for women-owned businesses.
Each series consists of three virtual events that include small group networking, a
presentation, and a workshop. For each series, there is an overarching business topic.
For each event, the presentation sub-topic differs based on the business stage targeted:
Start Up (under 3 years), Emerging (3 – 5 years), or Sustaining (5+ years).

Each stage will meet 6 times in 2022, January through November, typically on the
third week of alternating months, with the Start Up session on Tuesday, the Emerging
session on Wednesday, and the Sustaining session on Thursday. While each event has an
intentional target stage, you are welcome to sign up for any and all topics you feel are
relevant to your business.

Open exclusively to women-owned businesses, this is a safe space to bring your questions
about a particular topic and specific scenarios you’re experiencing in your business for which
you want resolution.

Questions? Contact WBCS Senior Director of Programs, Elizabeth Garner.

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Overarching Topic: Marketing and Client Acquisition

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Each session is from 10:30am - 12:00pm CST.

10:30 - 11:00 ... Small Group Networking
11:00 - 11:30 ... Presentation
11:30 - 12:00 ... Workshop

Start Up Stage Session
Date: Tuesday, July 19
Speaker: Carolyn Ortman, CKO Marketing
Topic: Actionable Marketing Plans Made Easy


Are you on target to meet your marketing goals for this year? Learn the basics of keeping a simple and actionable living, breathing plan with which you can easily –

  • Assess if you are targeting the right buyers.
  • Adapt your marketing communication to those buyers in the right way, at the right time.
  • Create the right marketing mix of key ingredients tailored for your business to keep them coming back for more!

Emerging Stage Session
Date: Wednesday, July 20
Speaker: Mary Sue Dahill, Work Smarter Digital
Topic: The Boutique Effect - Create Raving Fans and Stop Scrambling for Your Next Client


You’ve got leads coming in, clients to take care of, speaking gigs, networking and more. You’re almost at that point where you can hire help, but in the meantime… how do you stay on top of it all while giving first-class service to your clients? 

The Boutique Effect is the answer. A unique blend of high-touch, personalized client experiences and leveraging technology and automation will protect your time and make sure your pipeline never runs dry.

In this interactive presentation, participants will learn:

  • The simple keys to being a highly attractive Boutique business
  • The 5 critical elements necessary to create a high-touch experience that consistently generates higher paying clients with less effort
  • One step to simplify it all so you can reclaim your time and sanity!

Sustaining Stage Session
Date: Thursday, July 21
Speaker: Michaela Mora, Relevant Insights
Topic: How to Make Segmentation Research Actionable


The presentation will discuss the following topics to consider when designing market segmentation research to support decisions that lead to positive business outcomes.

  • Key concepts in market segmentation
  • Types of market segmentation research
  • Misconceptions: Segmentation vs. Personas
  • When to reassess a market segmentation model
  • The right approach to market segmentation
  • The role of needs, attitudes, behaviors, and other profiling variables in segmentation for product development and marketing purposes

By the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Understand the value of market segmentation in product development and marketing and the need to invest in strategic research
  • Have a general understanding of the complexities of market segmentation research to be better buyers of this type of research
  • Be better prepared as participant stakeholders in the design of this type of research to achieve desired business outcomes

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Mary Sue Dahill
Founder & CEO
Work Smarter Digital


Mary Sue Dahill is an Automation Expert, Hot Mess Tamer and author of The Boutique Effect. She helps ambitious entrepreneurs eliminate the overload from marketing gimmicks and too much technology that creates work and doesn’t convert. Mary Sue recalls the constant barrage of must-do marketing tactics to grow your list, get more leads, and convert more clients that never seemed to work. They were hugely time intensive and weren’t successful without a significant ad spend. After trying and failing at the complicated marketing tactics, Mary Sue said enough was enough! She stopped the insanity by shifting her approach from quick fixes and dreams of passive income to focusing on building real relationships.

She has had much more success with this approach, feels far less salesy, and now teaches her strategies to her clients. With 20 years of technology management background, Mary Sue helps entrepreneurs build relationships in an authentic way without working nights and weekends because she helps them work smarter with technology. Mary Sue offers an all-in-one CRM solution and teaches her boutique methods to her clients to quickly go from scrambling for clients to a pipeline full of higher paying clients. Mary Sue is a proud mom of two college students and totally obsessed with her two mini dachshunds.

Michaela Mora
Relevant Insights


Michaela Mora, the founder of Relevant Insights, is an insights professional with a diverse background and more than 20 years of experience in market research, user experience (UX) research, and customer insights in industries such as entertainment, technology, retail, automotive, CPG, travel, hospitality, restaurants, financial services, subscription services, among others.

With strong analytical skills and a solid understanding of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, Michaela has worked on hundreds of studies to support decisions related to new product development, customer experience improvement, pricing strategy, new market segment opportunities, and brand positioning and marketing strategies.

Michaela has working experience from both the client-side and the supplier side in the U.S. and abroad. Before founding Relevant Insights in 2007, she managed the research team at Blockbuster Online, and Match.com. She also managed sales forecasting at Pro-Line International, the ethnic hair product division of Alberto Culver, and content research for the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television. Her agency experience comes from manager and analyst positions at M/A/R/C Research and Research International Sweden.

Michaela is also a founding member of the Multicultural Insights Collective, (https://www.linkedin.com/company/themicollective/) which conducts multicultural research into best practices to help brands speak both internally and externally on topics related to racial justice, diversity, equity, inclusion, and representation.

Michaela holds an MS. in Marketing Research from The University of Texas at Arlington, an MS. in Marketing, Advertising & PR from Stockholm University, and a BS. and MS. in Psychology from Havana University. She also holds an Insights Professional Certification (IPC), issued by the Insights Association (IA), and a UX Master Certification with focus on User Research and Interaction Design from the Nielsen Norman Group. 

Michaela has written for the Dallas Business Journal on market research and customer insights matters of interest to entrepreneurs and small businesses. She has published articles in Quirks’ Marketing Research Review, MRA’s Alert! Magazine, QRCA’s QualPower Blog, and PPAI’s Promotional Products Business Magazine. She also writes a blog about market research that has received praise for providing valuable and educational articles. She is considered among the top influencers in the market research field by her market research peers.

Carolyn Ortman
CKO Marketing


Carolyn Ortman, globally acclaimed trainer, speaker, MBA, and author, has developed, presented, and facilitated hundreds of in-person and virtual programs to over 1200 audiences (nearly 40,000 people) including managers, executives, rising stars, business CEOs, and their teams. Her passion to inspire audiences to become top-notch leaders and performers comes from her meaningful shift from corporate cubicle life to successful entrepreneur.

Clients have included: Louis Vuitton, McLane Foods, New York Life, Boeing, Catholic Charities, Small Business Administration, just to name a few. With years of corporate managerial experience, including 13 years as a business owner, Carolyn’s unique background allows her to offer keen insights and deliver expertise that is relevant and relatable.

To learn more visit: www.CarolynOrtman.com
Contact: Carolyn@CarolynOrtman.com 

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This event is open to women-owned businesses.

Registration open until each session begins.

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Each sponsorship level includes event admissions and branding. Contact Lindsay Pittard at lpittard@wbcsouthwest.org to secure a sponsorship. Review options in our 2022 sponsorship catalog




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