Intelligent Content 2014 (Breaking Down Barriers)


No, that's not a typo. Or, some content migration artifact. It's perhaps one of the longest and least audience-friendly acronyms in existence. It stands for your goal: To deliver the right content to the right audience, anywhere, anytime, on any device. 

Let's break it down into sections for easier consumption.


Anyone who has ever traveled abroad with a mobile device understands the importance of the right time and place. Getting a "courtesy call" from an organization at 2:00am local time in England is an unwelcome invasion of our privacy. The same goes for text and instant messages. Old school notions about time and location are no longer sufficient. Solving these challenges involves technology. And an understanding of how to design content delivery systems that attract audience, not repel them.

The people of Earth are a mobile bunch. On the move. Traveling on foot. In cars. On bicycles, motorcycles, trains, boats, and airplanes. Sometimes they travel for pleasure. Or for business. Other times, for necessity. Or, as a way of life. Delivering the right content to an audience on the move requires thinking strategically about location and its impact on their experience. Content is experienced in context.

At Intelligent Content 2014, you'll discover how organizations are creating "location aware" content experiences. Experiences that are designed around when and where the audience encounters content. Intelligent content that can be automatically adapted to take advantage of information about the individual audience member you are trying to reach. Where they are located. Whether they are stationary or moving. And if so, how fast?

You'll find out how some forward-thinking organizations are using time and location data to create amazing customer experiences that take advantage of mobile device technology, powered by content. But, you'll also learn about the "gotchas" -- the legal, technological, and other hurdles that may make providing amazing content experiences challenging in some locales.

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