Intelligent Content 2014 (Breaking Down Barriers)


No, that's not a typo. Or, some content migration artifact. It's perhaps one of the longest and least audience-friendly acronyms in existence. It stands for your goal: To deliver the right content to the right audience, anywhere, anytime, on any device. 

Let's break it down into sections for easier consumption.


Until recently, efforts to target audience segments were based on lumping prospects and customers into persona groups. We would test content on representative audience samples or focus groups. The content that performed the best was distributed far and wide. This "spray and pray" method is no longer the best we can do.

Today, we have more powerful and accurate ways of targeting. We have profile information, purchase and browsing history, location information, and predictive analytics to help us laser focus our efforts. We can target individuals. 

In terms of DNA, all humans are 99.9% alike. And while it  may not seem like much, that tiny 0.1% difference matters. It's the reason we don't look exactly alike, and why we have different interests, values, beliefs, fears, and habits. 

Understanding your audience also means understanding that not all cultures are the same. What works in one language or culture may not work in others. In fact, delivering content created for a U.S. audience to people in other geographic regions may backfire. If you're careless, you can actually do irreparable damage to your brand.

Compelling content is relevant content. Content that resonates. Content optimized for each individual person. Content that knows we're not all identical. Liquid content. Adaptable content. Intelligent content.

At Intelligent Content 2014, we'll help you break down the barriers preventing you from communicating to individual people in your target audience. You'll hear from brands that value their content as a business asset. Organizations that have invested in techniques, tools, and technologies designed to help them deliver the right content to the right person. Efficiently and effectively. Often, automatically. 

We'll provide you with access to the experts who understand global audiences, language, and culture. You'll learn why localizing your content is a critical success factor in any intelligent content strategy. You find out important things about the world we live in. You'll learn why not understanding language, religion, weather, geopolitical and cultural realities can have a negative impact on your brand. And, you'll discover how to avoid the big, expensive mistakes made by others.

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