Intelligent Content 2014 (Breaking Down Barriers)


No, that's not a typo. Or, some content migration artifact. It's perhaps one of the longest and least audience-friendly acronyms in existence. It stands for your goal: To deliver the right content to the right audience, anywhere, anytime, on any device. 

Let's break it down into sections for easier consumption.


Delivering the right content. It sounds easy. But, it's not. In a world of nearly limitless information choices, attracting and maintaining attention involves serving up a steady flow of content snacks of value to your audience. Not the same old boastful, "buy our stuff" type of content. Although press releases, product data sheets, and sales and marketing collateral are necessary, they are no longer sufficient. 

Today, what's needed is the right content. Different. Interesting. Useful. Entertaining content. A mix of content types designed to serve the needs of the audience. Designed to engage. To dazzle and delight. To compete. Content that beats the pants off the content delivered by the competition. And, the competition is everywhere.

Everywhere you look, we're surrounded by content. In the age of the social, mobile web, everyone is a publisher. You. Your customers. And, your competition. Some are better at it than others. And while it may be tempting to look to the traditional publishing industry for best practices, you seldom find them there. That's because old publishing business models get in the way of innovation. But, that's changing. Just not fast enough for some businesses. Take newspaper publishing. The music industry. Book publishing. You get the picture.

At Intelligent Content 2014, we'll help you break down the barriers preventing you from thinking differently about content. You'll hear amazing success stories from opening keynote presenter, Joe Pulizzi, author of Epic Content Marketing, and founder of the Content Marketing Institute. And, you'll meet a variety of experts who specialize in demystifying the discipline of content creation and delivery. Professionals who have "been there, done that" and are willing to share their tips, techniques and lessons learned.


Delivering the right content also means acknowledging the importance of providing content to your audience in the language they prefer: their own.

Mobile devices and wireless access to the web have helped us connect content with audiences that were previously out of reach. Over one billion people are connected on Facebook alone. But, a true connection is only made possible when our content is presented the a way the audience can understand. Content that is relevant to the audience. In a format that's appropriate. In the right language. Otherwise, we lose the opportunity.

But, most people speak English, right? 

No. Not even close. Three-quarters of the world's population speak languages other than English. More than 6,000 others, in fact. Even in places where English is spoken, many people cannot understand what we're trying to say. That's because comprehension varies. We're unwittingly creating content that is too challenging for many to comprehend. Even in the United States, our English language content is written at a reading level far above the average. It's even more challenging for audiences whose native language is not English.

At Intelligent Content 2014, we'll help you break down the barriers preventing you from communicating to audience members you thought we're previously out of reach. And, we'll help you understand how to reach audiences you've been trying to engage, but have failed to do so.

While translation can be cost-prohibitive, you'll learn some common sense things you can do to improve the clarity and understandability of your English language content. A benefit to both native and non-native speakers. These same rules will make your content easier to translate, regardless of whether you rely on humans or machines to do the job. 

You'll learn why creating global-ready content from the start—content strategically-optimized for automated translation—can help you generate new revenue with a little up front work. 

And, you'll discover how some of the world's biggest brands are implementing global tone and voice programs. You'll learn what works. What doesn't. And tips and tricks for avoiding the embarrassing snafus made by others.

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