Intelligent Content 2014 (Breaking Down Barriers)


If you're still hand-crafting content for each individual channel, device and audience segment, you're doing it wrong. More importantly, you're locking your content up in silos, hiding it from those who need it. And, you're making it nearly impossible for those who want it to find it, to use it, to repurpose it, and to share it with others. That's a huge mistake. It not only prevents you from reaching new audiences, but it also prevents you from becoming the lean, mean, content-producing machine you need to be in today's hyper-connected global marketplace.

Don't fret. You're not alone. Outdated publishing models are one of the biggest challenges yet to be overcome in most organizations around the globe. But there are shining examples of companies that are doing it right. Companies that, in order to beat the competition, transformed themselves into publishers. Publishers whose content production methods are optimized to be hyper-efficient and extremely fluid. Publishers of content that is both valuable and compelling. Content engineered to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined target audience. Content that, when put to work for a brand, helps it drive profitable customer action. Effective content. Liquid content. Intelligent content.

Six years ago, The Rockley Group and The Content Wrangler teamed up to help content-heavy organizations find better ways to create, manage and deliver content. The right content. To the right audience. Anywhere. Anytime. On any device. A lofty goal. But one that is achievable if you know the secrets.

That's why we created the Intelligent Content Conference (ICC), an annual gathering of the best and brightest content professionals on the planet. People who know the secrets (and are willing to share them). People who value content as a business asset. People who have made it their life's work to develop repeatable, systematic approaches to producing amazingly effective content. Content that is produced in the most efficient way possible. Content that leverages the power of math and science. Content that is informed by the wisdom and creative genius of content marketers, content strategists, technical communicators, customer experience advocates, support personnel, software developers, information architects, data scientists, change managers, process engineers, translators, localizers, and accessibility evangelists. Content that works for both the organization that creates it and for the audience for which it was created. 


The sixth annual Intelligent Content Conference takes place February 26-28, 2014 at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, CA. The event will equip attendees with the knowledge they need to break down the barriers preventing them from connecting content with those who need it. More than 70 experts will present examples, standards, methods, strategies, and tools needed to deliver the right content, to the right people, at the right place and time, on any device.


Simply put, ‘intelligent content’ is content which is not limited to one purpose, technology or output. It’s content that is structurally rich and semantically aware, and is therefore discoverable, reusable, reconfigurable and adaptable. It’s content that helps you and your customers get the job done. It’s content that works for you and it’s limited only by your imagination. Learn more about intelligent content and how it can benefit your organization.


  • Content Strategy
  • Content Engineering
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Publishing
  • eBooks, Apps, and Mobile 
  • Structured Authoring
  • Adaptive Content
  • Language and Culture
  • Personalized Content
  • Dynamic Publishing
  • Content Reuse
  • Translation Automation
  • Information Visualization
  • Big Data and Analytics


The Intelligent Content Conference features knowledgeable and engaging speakers who will deliver two full days of presentations, case studies, and panel discussions. Software and services vendors will also be on hand to discuss the capabilities of their tools — and conduct product demonstrations — in our Technology Showcase.


For those who want to dive deeper, we’ve included a variety of half-day and full-day training workshops. They’re more detailed than a typical presentation and designed to cover topics that require some focus to begin to master. Advance registration required. Laptops not required, but suggested for some courses. Additional fee required to attend the workshops. Seating is limited.