ISLA 23rd Annual Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference 2014

Thank you for attending ISLA's 23rd Annual Conference in Berlin.
All conference presentations and videos will be made available shortly. 

We would like to thank all delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors for contributing to the huge success of this year's event. We hope that you have enjoyed the conference and are looking forward to welcoming you in Lisbon next year. All presentations and videos will be made available shortly, as well as a short conference survey that will allow us to extend and improve the event every year. 

The ISLA Conference has rebranded for 2014! This reflects that securities lending is a subset of the broader securities finance agenda. The newly titled ISLA Securities Finance and Collateral Management Conference agenda is multi asset class focused and encompasses securities lending, financing, collateral management and regulatory development.

The agenda has been finalized and includes a wide variety of speakers from a range of institutions, central banks, asset owners, fund managers as well as securities finance specialists. We are particularly pleased that, for the first time, we have a good buy-side speaker representation.

The construction of the debates has been focused on achieving exactly that! We have independent moderators who can interrogate the expert panelists and will encourage debate, argument and opinion. They will be short, snappy and lively.

We have shortened the actual conference days to provide better balance such that participants can attend the morning conference sessions before networking in the afternoon. We hope this will encourage more people to attend the sessions themselves.

Therefore, following the usual ISLA activity update, the popular roundtables have moved to the Tuesday afternoon and focus on emerging markets and the changing regulatory landscape. For the former, we are particularly pleased to have speakers join us from two important new markets, Brazil and Russia – this is a chance to shape the future of the securities lending business in these locations. The regulatory roundtables focus on the hot topic of trade repositories within securities finance and the application of Basel III across the industry.

Wednesday morning sees the start of the main conference agenda with the first key note speaker – Dr Levin Holle from the German Ministry of Finance who will be sharing his views on the state of the current and future market.

The debates that follow are structured in pairs addressing related topics from different perspectives. The first looks at the demand side dynamics which assesses how the traditional sources of demand, Hedge Funds and Banks, are reacting to a changing regulatory and capital constrained world. Opening with the Hedge Fund and Prime Broker viewpoint and concluding with the Banks’ opinions as to how their world is changing due to Basel III.

Recognising the broader mandate of the conference, the second panel pair of the day analyses a sector that the ISLA conference has not traditionally covered. The subject of liquidity, particularly in the face of Central Banks’ Quantitative Easing, will be debated by Central Banks and the Banking sector. Then the subsequent panel will examine how to chase positive returns in a benign interest rate and yield environment.

Thursday morning jumps straight into the collateral conundrum – the first of the panel pair focuses on the regulatory driver for the changing face of collateral needs and the broader acceptance of CCP usage. The second panel will discuss the practical implications of these changes on the buy side and how their business has changed as a result – what is the reality of the new world of central clearing?

Finally, having heard the debates so far and the practical impact of regulatory change on the rest of the industry we want to give the lending agents and beneficial owners a chance to respond. The first panel looks at the more complicated securities finance pricing scenario and debates whether there is such a thing as a “benchmark” in securities pricing and how securities lending trades can be repackaged to be more capital efficient. Finally, we think it is appropriate to end with the asset owner perspective – they ultimately provide the liquidity to our business and we want to hear their views. How important is securities financing for them alongside all of their other activities?

Before we leave Berlin, conscious of the fact that the conference is taking place during the 2014 World Cup, we are pleased to have one of the most recognizable figures in world football join us to offer a fascinating perspective. Pierluigi Collina, who refereed the 2002 World Cup Final, will discuss taking responsibility and decision making in pressurized situations which is as relevant in the financial world as it is in the pressure cooker of top flight football.


Thank you once again for attending ISLA's 23rd Annual Conference. See you next year in Lisbon.

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