2014 CSO40 Security Confab + Awards
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Experts from the CSO40 Security Confab share their insights.

Defending many attack vectors from the 'problem of one'
The playing field is tilted in favor of our adversaries. To win, we must defend all possible attack vectors, yet our adversaries need only exploit one. -- By Jamil Farshchi, Visa, a CSO40 workshop moderator and advisory board member

Ants and elephants in the CISO's office
A CISO lives a precarious life.  A head hunter once told me that the average CISO at large corporations lasts about 18 months before being fired or replaced.  That's because he or she faces two kinds of threats in the jungle of business - ants and elephants. -- By Paul Raines, UN Development Programme, a 2014 CSO40 award recipient

What’s quality got to do, got to do with it?
What does ISO 9001, an international standard of quality management, have to do with information security? Answer: Lots. -- By Paul Raines, UN Development Programme, a 2014 CSO40 award recipient

Florida Blue takes security awareness personally
Teaching employees about security may work best when you start with their personal concerns. -- By Douglas B. Robison, Florida Blue, a 2014 CSO40 award recipient

Contemporary spying: Less about the war room and more about the board room
Today there is no difference between national security and economic security. By failing to safeguard the fruits of our innovative labor - our products, technologies and processes - we face the prospect of losing our position as a leader in the global marketplace.  -- By Doug Thomas, Lockheed Martin Corporation, a 2014 CSO40 award recipient

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