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Planning ahead - What is really important to you?

Understand your spending and build a roadmap of actions

Date: Thursday, 12th August  
Time: 12pm - 12.45pm   

Topics covered: 

  • Learn how to approach and review goal setting
  • Understand spending and budgeting - when you know what you’re working towards
  • Our essential workbook – built for you
  • Build your financial road map in our session

The first and most important step in understanding how to manage your money and plan for life is to get a sense of your goals. Clarity around your goals will guide your choices and align your spending and investing habits with your priorities. Jenneke and Mark will discuss creating goals and developing a budget.

After the discussion Jenneke will guide you through section one of our essential workbook, so you can start to build your own financial roadmap.

In preparation for your session – Please download our essential workbook ‘How to plan your finances in a changing world’ from this link

Speakers: Jenneke Mills – Manager Adviser Technical Support

                  Mark Akeroyd – Head of Advice Strategy & Value Proposition