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Building for the future – Your super and other investments

Align your goals and investment profile, consider investments inside and outside of super

Date: Thursday, 19th August  
Time: 12pm - 12.45pm   

Topics covered: 

  • The changing landscape of investing
  • Align your goals and your investment profile
  • Considerations for investing outside of super


In an everchanging and volatile world, how do you position yourself to take advantage of the opportunities like Tesla, Bitcoin and Afterpay whilst staying on track to achieve your retirement goals? Jenneke and Michelle will discuss: investing inside and outside superannuation, understanding your appetite for risk and protecting the downside as your work toward building your future nest egg.

After the discussion Jenneke will guide you through section two of our essential workbook, so you can set continue to build your own financial roadmap.

In preparation for your session – Please download our essential workbook ‘How to plan your finances in a changing world’ from this link

Speakers: Jenneke Mills – Manager Adviser Technical Support

                 Michelle Macguire – Principal Financial Adviser