PSATS' 2022 Annual Educational Conference and Exhibit Show
 A gamification solutions that drive attendee-to-attendee or attendee-to-exhibitor interaction.

For Attendee

Clcik to veiw

Gamification has been defined in many ways by companies who provide the service to their clients as well as by corporate subject matter experts. It has replaced social media as the new buzz-word and its meaning is quickly being honed by trail-blazers who pave the way making the word a ubiquitous corporate term for early adopters to exploit in their blogs. In other words, the box has been created and “gamification” is being stuffed inside.


For Exhibitors

SCANTrivia puts your event at the cutting-edge of technology with a lead retrieval solution that is affordable and effective. Unlike traditional lead retrieval systems, the SCANTrivia platform does not require the use of equipment. This strengthens your ROI by positioning you to allocate the cost-difference for other event line items.

Also, since this functionality is within the SCANTrivia platform it combines gamification with lead retrieval cultivating an environment where exhibitors have the opportunity to bridge an informative conversation about their products. This not only increases the interaction between the attendee and exhibitor but it also boosts the amount of dwell-time spent at the booth.


Here’s how it will work for Exhibitors:

  • For just $150, participating exhibitors will get a QR code in a table-top stand to place at their booth.
  • Participating delegates with smartphones will scan the QR code at your booth to answer a question about your business that you provide to PSATS ahead of time.
  • If they get it right, they win points toward prizes.
  • You will get an Excel file of these delegates after the show! Information will include name, title, township, county, and any other information delegates choose to provide, including email addresses.