WCO E-COMMERCE Conference 2021

DAY 1 (28 June 2021)


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Session 1 - Opening ceremony

Opening address:

      - Dr. Kunio Mikuriya, WCO Secretary General 

      - Mr. John DENTON, Secretary General, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)


Session 2 – Round table: Customs perspectives on e-commerce during the COVID-19 crisis and resilience for e-commerce supply chain

This session will discuss the following issues:

- Benefits of full implementation of the WCO E-Commerce Package;

- Customs measures under COVID-19 for e-commerce supply chain continuity, including Advance Electronic Data, e-payment, etc.; and,

- New opportunities for fostering partnerships with e-commerce stakeholders

Moderator and keynote speech: Mr. Ricardo TREVIÑO, WCO Deputy Secretary General

Speakers(3): Customs administrations

      - Mr. John P. Leonard, Acting Executive Assistant Commissioner, Office of Trade, US Customs and Border Protection

      - Ms. Sabine HENZLER, Director, Directorate-General for Taxation and Customs Union (DG TAXUD), European Commission

      - Ms. Lan HU, Deputy Director General, Department of International Cooperation, General Administration of Customs, China


Session 3 – Panel Session : Private sector perspective in adapting to a new business model and expanding the concept of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

This session will focus on the following issues:

- Challenges and opportunities of adapting to new business models in e-commerce, including fulfilment center; and,

- Cooperation between e-commerce stakeholders and Customs and possibility of expanding the concept of AEO to e-commerce operators

Moderator and keynote speech: Mr. Hideaki GENSHIN, Deputy Director-General, Japan Customs See presentation 

Panellists (3): from Private Sector and Customs administrations

      - Mr. Kristian VANDERWAEREN, Director General, Belgium Customs See presentation 

      - Mr. Travis Skinner, Senior Manager on Customs and Trade at Amazon

      - Ms. Eman Bader Al Suwaidi, Director for Customs Valuation Department / Authorized Economic Operator Program, Dubai Customs See presentation 

      - Mr. Praveen Sashi, Regional Head of Digitalization MENA, DHL Express, UAE See presentation 

DAY 2 (29 June 2021)


Session 4 – Round table: Reinforcing collaboration and harnessing technology

This session will focus on the following issues:

      - Facilitating digital trade, to form an important part of the global economic recovery from COVID-19 via reinforced collaboration; and,

      - Renovation of Customs procedures with the use of data and modern technologies based on cooperation among entire e-commerce supply chain.

Moderator: Mr. Ahmed AL KHALIFA, Chairperson of the WCO Council

Speakers (3): from International Organizations and the Private Sector

      - Mr. Xiangchen Zhang, Deputy Director General, World Trade Organization (WTO)

      - Mr. Abdel Ilah Bousseta, Director of Postal Operations, Universal Postal Union

      - Mr. Carlos GRAU TANNER, Director-General, Global Express Association


Session 5 – Panel Session : Ensuring safety and security through cooperation and the use of data and technologies

This session will focus on the following topics:

- Managing risks posed by unknown traders with the use of data and technologies through cooperation; and,

- Utilizing transformative technologies driving e-commerce to ensure safety and security of cross border e-commerce.

Moderator and keynote speech: Mr. Pranab Kumar DAS, Director of Compliance and Facilitation, WCO See presentation 

Panellists (5): from Private Sector and Customs administration

      - Mr. Yonghwan CHOI, Director of R&D and Equipment Division, Korea Customs Service See presentation 

      - Mr. Fumio Ito, Project Manager, International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) See presentation 

      - Ms. Cathy Toxopeus, Director of Commercial and Trade Innovation and Intake Division, Canada Border Services Agency

      - Mr. Kaveh Afshar-Zanjani, Director of Data Science, Canada Border Services Agency  See presentation

      - Mr. Joost van de Griendt, Co-Founder and CBO/CMO, Dynaxion B.V. See presentation 


Session 6 – Panel Session : Ensuring fair and effective revenue collection through cooperation

This session will focus on the following topics:

-Understanding the four revenue collection approaches (Vendor collection, Intermediary collection, Buyer collection and Hybrid collection approach);

-Utilizing pre-arrival, clearance and post-clearance stages for proper Customs valuation through cooperation; and,

-Conducting effective capacity building activities based on the E-Commerce Framework of Standards.

Moderator and keynote speech: M. Guénolé MBONGO KOUMOU

Vice-Chairperson for the West and Central Africa Region/ Director General of Customs and Indirect Taxes, Republic of the Congo

Panellists (4): from Private Sector, International Organizations, and Customs administrations

      - Mr. Michael OUTRAM, Commissioner, Australian Border Force See presentation 

      - Mr. Matthew Duckworth, Assistant Secretary, Customs and Trade Policy Branch, Australian Border Force

      - Mr. Piet Battiau, Head Consumption Taxes, Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 

      - Mr. Sami Farhad, Senior Director, Alibaba Group



Session 7 – Closing

Closing Remarks:

- Dr. Kunio Mikuriya, WCO Secretary General