2013 TAPPI Corrugated Press Hands-On Maintenance Workshop
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Event Details
2013 TAPPI Corrugated Press Hands-On Maintenance Workshop
Tuesday, September 17 - Wednesday, September 18, 2013
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Global Equipment USA Warehouse, Skokie
Event Description

This course offers indispensable hands-on maintenance training for corrugated industry plant managers and supervisors, engineers, maintenance teams and machine operators.
You'll get hands-on training on how to audit converting machines at Global Equipment USA Warehouse in Skokie, Illinois. With instructional sessions  led by Tom Pearce, Pearce Corrugated Consulting and the Global Equipment USA Representatives you will have ample opportunity to get your questions answered. 
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The Corrugated Press Hands On Maintenance Workshop provides practical hands-on interactive training on a press audit to help you learn how to use the basic tools, help you understand the importance of machine component’s specifications, and how they can affect machine wear, production, and product quality. Over the course of two days, you'll learn how the tools can help you troubleshoot issues and problems. You'll learn about press upgrades, scoring, and anilox roll selection. This is a great opportunity to learn about ink basics, fingerprinting, printing plates, die boards, die cutting and PM.

This intermediate course is limited to 18 participants, so that everyone can get close to the machinery and have an unobstructed view of how things work. 

After successfully completing this course, participants should be able to: 
  1. Learn to use the basic tools to mechanically audit and trouble shoot a press.
  2. Learn press audit procedures for process centering, better quality products, and increased productivity 
  3. Attendees will be exposed to presentation anilox roll selection, Press “fingerprinting”, inks & substrates, quality defects & cause(s), Scoring.