AWP for Engineers Two-Day Online Instructor-Led Certification Level 1 Course (NA)
Event Details
AWP for Engineers Two-Day Online Instructor-Led Certification Level 1 Course (NA)
04/26 - 04/27/2021
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Online instructor-led training (OILT). All times are in GMT-6 (Central).

Event Description
This is a Certification Level 1 (L1) Course. Learners of this course will be prepared for Level 2 (Basic) and Level 3 (Advanced) Certification Training.
The Engineering for AWP Certification from the AWP University is the jump start you need toward engineering deliverable production requirements to satisfy the needs of AWP and WFP. The AWP-U modules are all ASI Group Certified and Jovian Certified, meaning you are assured to be getting the best from AWP/WFP industry leaders. If you are in Engineering or Procurement and need to understand AWP/WFP, the two-day course will give you the foundation you need to have a clear understanding of the necessities to effectively produce engineering deliverables and requirements for projects utilizing AWP.

The two days of training are a filled with information, templates, and exercises designed to give students a clear understanding of implementing AWP/WFP. Students of this special event will be granted access to the AWP University Learning Management System (LMS). In the LMS students can review all the modules covered in the two days at their own pace, leading to writing the exam to gain their Certification for successfully completing Engineering for AWP. From here students can choose to enrol in further training such as AWP407 - Digital Threads or AWP321 - Digital Twin Handover or add Procurement to their objectives. This special event satisfies the prerequisite requirements for many of the AWP-U learning paths as well as specialty and advanced modules.

Please note: AWP Fundamentals, Intermediate WFP and AWP for Engineers 2-day courses are all stand-alone introductory / intermediate training courses; learners attending multiple courses should be advised that there are some basic theory overlaps between all of the Level 1 offerings (on Day 1 of each course).

In Engineering for AWP Certification, students will be trained in the following areas:

  1. The Tour - AWP University overview and sign in
  2. The Delivery - Introduction to AWP Fundamentals
  3. The Basics - What is Advanced Work Packaging?
  4. The History - Where did AWP come from?
  5. The Drivers - Exercise: Work Packaging
  6. The Outline - AWP Process overview
  7. The Packs - Work Package Types and Relationships
  8. The Swim Lanes - Developing AWP Process Overlays
  9. The Practitioners - People, Pillars of Support
  10. The Goal - Path of Construction
  11. The Team Voice - Interactive Planning
  12. The Numbers - AWP Coding Structure
  13. The Scope - CWP Development
  14. The Drive - Engineering Alignment with CWPs
  15. The Release - CWP Readiness Review
  16. The Tech - Technology and Application Integrations
  17. The Culture - A mindset of continual improvement
  18. The Champions - Aligning Leadership with AWP
  19. The Deliverable - CWP Preparation
  20. The Plan - CWP Release Plan
  21. The Fabricator - Coordinate Detailing & Fabrication Efforts
  22. The Paper - Institute Contract Requirements for AWP
  23. The Hurdles – Support Removal of Constraints
  24. The News - What’s New for Engineering
  25. The Responsibilities - Engineering Responsibilities
  26. The Delivery - Engineering Deliverables
  27. The Info - Engineering Data Needs for AWP
  28. The Map - Work Process Diagrams
  29. The Players - Team Roles
  30. The Test - Examination Overview and Instructions

During the two days of instructor-led learning the students will be guided through the AWP/WFP Modules by leading Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in AWP/WFP today. The AWP-U SMEs have been integral in the development of both the AWP and the WFP models over the last 20 years. Our AWP/WFP SMEs have both Implemented 100s of projects in the field as well as participating and leading the research teams for the best practices for both CII and COAA.


• Robin Mikaelsson, President and Lead Instructor at AWP University

• Special guest instructors to be announced.