Intermediate WFP Two-Day Online Instructor-Led Level 1 Certification Course (North America)
Event Details
Intermediate WFP Two-Day Online Instructor-Led Level 1 Certification Course (North America)
04/12 - 04/13/2021
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Online instructor-led training (OILT). All times are in GMT-6 (Central).

Event Description

This is a Certification Level 1 (L1) Course. Learners of this course will be prepared for Level 2 (Basic) and Level 3 (Advanced) Certification Training.
The WorkFace Planning Certification from the AWP University is the jump start you need to get you and your employees thinking in the right direction for construction planning and execution. The AWP-U modules are all ASI Group Certified and Jovian Certified, meaning you are assured to be getting the best from AWP industry leaders. If you are a project planner, foreman, or a project participant in construction execution, the two days of WorkFace Planning Fundamentals certification will give you the foundation you need to have a clear understanding of the necessities to execute a project or project portfolio efficiently, using WorkFace Planning.

The two days of training are a filled with information, templates, and exercises designed to give students a clear understanding of how to execute the necessities of WFP. Students of this special event will be granted access to the AWP-University Learning Management System (LMS). In the LMS students can review all the modules covered in the two days at their own pace, leading to writing the exam to gain their Certification in WorkFace Planning Fundamentals. In the LMS students are also able to plan and enrol in further training such as our role-based position specific learning paths. This special event satisfies the prerequisite requirements for many of the AWP-U role-based learning paths.

Please note: AWP Fundamentals, Intermediate WFP and AWP for Engineers 2-day courses are all stand-alone introductory / intermediate training courses; learners attending multiple courses should be advised that there are some basic theory overlaps between all of the Level 1 offerings (on Day 1 of each course).

In WorkFace Planning Fundamentals students will be trained in the following areas:

1. The Tour – AWP University overview and sign in.

2. The Delivery – Introduction to The WFP Fundamentals L1

3. The Basics – What is WorkFace Planning?

4. The Packs – Work Package Relationships

5. The Release – CWP Release Review

6. The Way – IWP Management – “Life Cycle of an IWP”

7. The Plan – IWP Release Plan

8. The Scope – IWP Scoping sessions

9. The Template – IWP Dev. and the Next Generation of IWPs

10. The Commitment – Commit to Work Schedule

11. The Details – Short Range Planning & Production Control

12. The Bag and Tag – Request and Stage Materials by IWP

13. The Tech – Technology – Application Integrations

14. The Instigator – WorkFace Planner Job Description

15. The Organization – People Pillars of Support

16. The Duties – Responsibilities Review

17. The Hurdles – IWP Constraint Types

18. The Fix – IWP Constraints Identification & Removal

19. The Collaboration – IWP Constraints Meeting Agenda

20. The End is Near – Transitioning from Area Based to Systems

21. The Teamwork – Advanced IWP Production Control

22. The Test – Examination overview and instructions

During the two days of instructor-led learning the students will be guided through the WFP Modules by leading Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in AWP/WFP today. The AWP-U SMEs have been integral in the development of both the AWP and the WFP models over the last 20 years. Our AWP/WFP SMEs have been both Implemented 100s of projects in the field as well as participating and leading the research teams for the best practices for both CII and COAA.


• Robin Mikaelsson, President and Lead Instructor at AWP University

• Special guest instructors to be announced.