Practical IT Tools for Non-IT Auditors
Event Details
Practical IT Tools for Non-IT Auditors
01/14 - 01/15/2021
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Virtual - Login info will be emailed to attendees
Baltimore, MD,

IIA Baltimore Chapter Virtual Series: Practical IT Tools for Non-IT Auditors

On behalf of the IIA Baltimore Chapter, Russell Safirstein, Partner at Anchin, Block & Anchin, LLP and President of Redpoint Cybersecurity, will facilitate a full day’s worth of training content with various speakers to be delivered over the course of two half-day mornings (4 CPEs each day) for a total of 8 CPEs. This event is intended for individuals who wish to obtain a practical understanding of IT audit tools and increase risk management skills with the aid of technology.


Online/ Virtual Session
Session 1: Thursday, Jan 14th; Session 2: Friday, January 15th
8:00 – 12:00 PM (each day)

CPE Credits Available:

Up to 8 Hours (4 hours per session)

Training Overview for Day One – January 14, 2021:

Session #1 - Data Intelligence Academy: Building an in-house training academy for non- IT Auditors

Presented By: Edgar Abreu

Session Details: Edgar will walk us through how the non-technical auditor can gain skills to perform data analytics. The Data Intelligence Academy is a formal training program developed in-house to upskill our traditional auditors on how to perform data analytics as part of their audit work.

Session #2 - Transforming Internal Audit through Automation: Tracking the changing internal audit landscape

Presented By: Russell Safirstein

Session Details: Russell will walk us through the impact to internal audit and how a multi-dimensional audit team can lead the team towards greater automation. Even before the COVID pandemic Internal Audit was going through changes. The acceleration of remote work has sped up the need for continued change within the ranks.

Session #3 – Excel 2.0: Advanced Uses of Microsoft Excel

Presented By: Dimitris Bantileskas

Session Details: Dimitris will demonstrate to the group the next level of Excel 2.0 and dive deeper into how these analyses can lead to greater impact for internal auditors. We all have Microsoft Excel on our desktops. How many of us can use it to the fullest extent?

Session #4 – Internal Audit’s Critical Role in Cybersecurity

Presented By: Russell Safirstein

Session Details: This session will give some real-world examples of cybersecurity breaches, how they were handled and what internal auditors should be doing to help their companies prepare for the inevitable. Internal audit has a critical role in helping organizations in the ongoing battle of managing cyber threats, both by providing an independent assessment of existing and needed controls, and helping the audit committee and board understand and address the diverse risks of the digital world.

Training Overview for Day Two – January 15, 2021:

Session #1 - The Language of Risk: Using Natural Language Understanding to Identify Key Risks

Presented By: Mathieu Lemay

Session Details: Learn about the mathematical relationship of words, how computers read documents, and how AI can help internal auditors ask the right questions and generate the right insights for their clients. How can the latest advances in artificial intelligence be applied to reviewing internal audit reports? Can a system assist an auditor in evaluating audit coverage completeness? The present trends in machine learning are moving from numerical data to language and documents.

Session #2 - Internal Audit Key Performance Indicators: How can we best measure ourselve

Presented By: Dimitris Bantileskas

Session Details: This session will cover some of the benefits of performance management and some examples of self-evaluation and benchmarking leading audit groups employ. Internal Audit plays a key role in good governance for their organizations, but how do they measure their own governance and performance?

Session #3 - Cyber Security Risk Assessments: Measuring cyber risk within our organizations

Presented By: Russell Safirstein

Session Details: Russ will walk us through how important coverage in this area is and will walk through several real-life examples of fully engaged cyber risk assessments. Companies near and far need to understand where they are from a cyber-risk perspective. Also many are under regulatory requirements to do so. As Internal Auditors ready their plans for 2021, one of the biggest risks to their organizations is cybersecurity.

Session #4 – Anatomy of a Data Breach: What really goes on when your company is breached

Presented By: Russell Safirstein

Session Details: We will discuss what you need to know and how your organization should react if hit with a data breach and will use actual case studies to walk the group through actions taken on the breach, investigation, and forensics. We all read and hear about breaches but did you really understand how they actually attacked the organization? After a breach from cyber criminals or state-sponsored actors, you need a fully vetted plan of action.