2014 IBBC
IBBC: Unlocking the Forest Biorefinery
IBBC offers you a deeper analysis of technology and economics in commercializing biofineries.
TAPPI’s International Bioenergy and Bioproducts Conference (IBBC) focuses on the latest on biomass development, as well as the thermochemical and biochemical-based technologies that can be profitably integrated into pulp mills.
This year IBBC will be co-located with the TAPPI PEERS Conference, creating a full week of valuable education and learning on topics that apply directly to your job. Make the most of your experience by attending both conferences to enhance your knowledge, gain valuable insights for your company, and network with individuals who share your same day-to-day issues.

IBBC will include technical presentations, expert panels, case studies, and reports from projects that address:

  • Feedstock and harvesting improvements to increase yield and quality of biomass
  • Bioconversion technologies for wood and biomass
  • Production of chemicals and transportation fuels from wood and biomass
  • Commercial bioenergy projects utilizing woody biomass
  • Tools for evaluating bioenergy projects