Managing Insider Risk in the Remote Era

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Join us Thursday, October 1, at 12:00 pm ET / 9:00 am PT to learn how top CSOs are managing insider risk in the remote era.

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In this virtual roundtable we'll discuss how insider risk has always been an issue that businesses have had to address. But the new work model, with users scattered to the winds, is exposing organizations to greater risks originating from their users driven by the current work dynamic. While every business should have an insider risk program in place, 2020 is showing us why it’s important to push insider risk up the list of priorities. Many are realizing that with a vastly distributed workforce, users can pose a significantly elevated risk to the business. While those risks often arise in response to users just trying to get their jobs done, we’re seeing concerted and sophisticated efforts, across many industries, to compromise those users.

Join us as we discuss these challenges, as well as how collaboration technologies act as risk multipliers. We’ll also learn how your peers are addressing the new risks of today with an eye towards the future. 

This CSO virtual roundtable experience delivers:

  • A live video meeting led by a skilled host, Bob Bragdon, SVP, Worldwide Managing Director, CSO.
  • An intimate, gathering of senior IT/security leaders, from diverse industries, all grappling with similar issues.
  • A secure, private conversation open only to a carefully vetted group (no recording, no playback, under Chatham House Rule).

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Don’t miss the opportunity for connection and conversation.

Join us and see the difference: a professionally moderated conversation that’s valuable, on point and full of the answers you’ve been seeking. Apply to attend today.
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