MasterCard Academy

Open seminars

Our face to face Open Seminars are a great opportunity for participants to meet our subject matter experts, and benefit from the experience of other participants. And as many of the seminars are organized in our regional offices, you can also meet your MasterCard contacts.

Strong Regional focus
In order to provide seminars that are 100% relevant to your business, all of our seminars address the business needs, trends and technology that are specific to the Europe region. These seminars are available to customers with a Europe ICA.

Open seminar fees:

1-day seminar: 820€
2-day seminar: 1150€
3-day seminar: 1450€

Early bird fees
Register more than 4 weeks prior to the seminar date, and receive a 17% discount (the Early Bird discount will be applied at registration).

Special Discounts
If you are a registered Academy On The Web (AOW) user, you will receive a 50% discount on selected seminars in the Business Overview category (see our catalogue for details).

Terms & Conditions

On demand

If your training budget is stretched to its limits or if you need to train staff all at once in your own environment, our on demand seminars are the perfect solution. We will work with you to scope your needs and create a face to face seminar or webinar designed to meet those needs. Our on demand programs offer many important benefits:

  • Cost effective solution: As our trainers come to your place, there are no T&E costs for participants and they are away from their desk for a shorter period.
  • Confidentiality: We guarantee full discretion – participants can openly address strategic competitive issues.
  • Cross-department training: You can bring to the room participants from different areas of the business, thus fostering better understanding of each other’s job.

Just send us an email to request a quote:

Academy on the web for issuers and acquirers

You might not be able to attend a face-to-face seminar but you still need access to important data in order to do your job. Academy on the web (AOW) is the solution!

With our remote learning solution you can get what you need via your PC, tablet or compatible smartphone. Once you are registered, you have unlimited access to all Academy on the web services:

  • Live Events
  • Resource Center
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