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Payment foundations

The acquiring and acceptance ecosystem - evolution & innovation

The payments eco-system continues to experience disruption, transforming the industry at an unprecedented pace and scale. This interactive training programme offers an insight into the trends and factors impacting the Acquiring ecosystem and will help to identify the risks and opportunities arising. This training is ideal for those familiar with the Acquiring industry and want to understand the key influences and how these will affect their business.

Starting with the current payments landscape you will learn about the evolution of the Acquiring Value Chain and the new players that now form an integral part of this. We will explore what Mastercard is doing to support and enable acceptance growth across Europe. You will also be guided through the key regulatory initiatives driving change in the payments industry. The programme finishes with a look at some of the new technologies which may shape the future of the industry.

Digital and security solutions

Cyber & intelligence solutions

The rapid evolution to Digital Payments must rely on a solid Digital Security framework. The evolution of regulation (Payment Services Directive 2) and technologies (EMV 3DS or 3DS2) are driving the shaping of Digital Security and are contributing to the development of its underlying framework.

In this seminar, participants will learn about the PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication requirements and its impacts on all stakeholders on the authentication value chain. They will also get insights into the 3D Secure technology (3DS 1 vs EMV 3DS) and the Mastercard Digital Security Roadmap that will drive the conversion to advanced identity solutions for Mastercard products and solutions in Europe.

Blockchain & cryptocurrencies

The word “Blockchain” reflects a particular solution, a chain of blocks design, as used in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The fundamental principles that underpin Blockchain are often described in the industry as “Distributed ledger technology” (DLT), an alternative term that more generally reflects the idea of a shared record of transactions that is updated and used by many participants.

This course will help you understand the origins of DLT technology, the fundamental problems that it is seeking to solve, when it makes sense to use it, and what are its limitations. It will also help you understand the state of the market today, through the exploration of real-world use cases.

Authentication and biometrics

Successful authentication of the payee and payer is at the heart of successful payments. Biometrics, or “the something you are”, is becoming an increasingly important part of that authentication story. There are many different types of biometrics, with different types being more suited to different use cases.

This course will give you an overview of biometrics technology, the strengths and weaknesses of different types of biometric, emerging standards for using biometrics for authentication, and the implications of using biometrics for payments.