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Thursday, July 30, 2020 from 10:00 am - 11:30 am CST Zoom Link to be Provided

2020 Austin Insights

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Meet The New Austin!

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Austin Insights

Join us for an exciting look at how Capital Metro and Waterloo Greenway are changing the face of Austin and creating opportunities for small businesses. This event will include two rounds of virtual networking, presentations with Q&A sessions from Capital Metro and Waterloo Greenway, as well as multiple chances to win prizes and make connections!

Capital Metro | Project Connect

Project Connect is a bold transit plan that includes a new light rail system, a downtown transit tunnel that makes everyone's trip faster whether you're on the train or in your car, new MetroRapid routes and vehicles, a transition to a zero-emissions fleet and much more. Project Connect will connect the entire city and get us moving forward again.

Waterloo Greenway Conservancy
Winding along Waller Creek in downtown Austin, Waterloo Greenway is on its way to becoming a wondrous public park that celebrates the spirit of our community. This extraordinary shared experience is being launched in phases, and amazing free events and programs are already taking place. So, come explore the many ways Waterloo Greenway is working to connect all of the people in our vibrant city to nature, art, culture - and to each other.

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Randy Clarke
Capital Metro Transportation Authority
Randy Clarke is president and CEO. Prior to this, Clarke held key leadership positions in public transportation in both Boston and Washington, D.C., and earned a master's degree in public policy from the University of Southern Maine. Since he joined Capital Metro and following the 2018 redesign of its bus network, transit ridership has been on the rise in the Austin area. Clarke sees the operation through the eyes of his customer by using the service every day, giving him insight that's fueled his challenge to “do more” in providing quality transportation options to the growing region. That familiarity with the service led Clarke to put in place multi-million dollar investments to the system and a renewed focus on improving customer experience When away from the office, Clarke enjoys traveling and competitive running with his wife, Kimberley, whom he met, as fate would have it, while riding a train. Cap Metro is always on the move, connecting people with jobs, schools, restaurants, shops, festivals and other great places to hang out. In fact, they have more than 31 million boardings every year.
Peter Mullan
Waterloo Greenway Conservancy
Waterloo Greenway demands an exceptional leader. After an extensive search in 2015, Waterloo chose Peter and he chose Waterloo. He brought with him a decade of experience with the High Line, a public park in New York City that's a global model for next-generation public spaces. As former Executive Vice President of Friends of the High Line, a nonprofit that founded, funds, and oversees the High Line, he directed the physical development of the 1.5-mile park. He also played a central role in policy, advocacy, and operations. An architect by training, he previously led a series of master planning and design projects for universities and cultural institutions. He's a graduate of Princeton University and the Yale School of Architecture. 
Jackie Nirenberg
Community Involvement Manager
Capital Metro Transportation Authority

Jackie Nirenberg has served as community engagement manager for Capital Metro since 2015 and leads the public participation effort for Project Connect, CapMetro's plan for a more connected, more frequent and more reliable public transportation system. Before joining CapMetro, Jackie was a Senior Consultant for local public involvement firm, Group Solutions, where she led engagement efforts for on a number of public projects, including the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan and the Travis County Redistricting Plan, and was a lecturer at the University of Texas Pan American. She is a 2019 Transportation for America Fellow and has been a featured presenter for the North American Conference of the International Association for Public Participation. Jackie holds a Master's in Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin and made the city her permanent home in 2003.

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This event is open to everyone.

The last day to register is Wednesday, July 29 at 5:00 PM.

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