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Wednesday, June 17, 2020 from 10:00 am - 11:00 am CST Online

Virtual Coffee Break - June 17

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Discussion Topic

Transitioning Back to the Office
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Virtual Coffee Break Overview
We'll gather in a virtual small group of up to 20 WBEs to have an informal conversation around a particular topic. There is no presenter and no agenda to follow. The goal of this series is to facilitate connections across our WBE membership and provide an outlet for sharing success stories and resources to help each other navigate these unprecedented times. Each session is intentionally limited to 20 people to allow for easy and open interaction among all participants. If there is ample interest in a certain topic, we will host multiple Virtual Coffee Breaks on the same topic and notify those on the wait list of such opportunities.

Each Virtual Coffee Break is complimentary, open to all of our WBEs, and moderated by a WBCS staff member to facilitate logistics as needed. Join and exit at your own pace.

Topic Overview
This particular Virtual Coffee Break focuses on Transitioning Back to the Office. Any item related to that (timeline for your return, plan to balance differing employee preferences for remote vs in office work, implementation of safety measures, etc.) is open for discussion.

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