AGD2021 Austin
This course is held over 2 days (Wednesday and Thursday) attendance is required for both days.

Subject Code: 149 - Multi- disciplinary

 Credits: 16

 Session Type: Lecture

 Fee: $750.00

 Audience: Dentist

 Course Materials will be available on: April 15, 2021

The AGD Fellowship Review Course was designed to provide a refresher in 17 dental disciplines, as well as to assist members in preparing for the Fellowship Exam, a 252-item, multiple-choice test that covers accepted knowledge, techniques and procedures in general dentistry.

As part of the course, registrants will receive an electronic copy of the Fellowship Exam Study Guide and a link to downloadable course handouts. All course handouts will be provided in electronic form only. Members can print the handouts or download them to their laptops in advance of the course. AGD will provide electrical outlets at every table for participants who bring their laptops; however, there will be no internet access in the meeting room.

If desired, attendees can register and sit for the Fellowship Exam on Friday, June 11, during AGD2021. Registration can be completed up to the close of registration Tuesday, June 8, 2021. There is a separate fee to sit for the exam.

Registration for the exam closes on Tuesday, June 8, 2021. No onsite registration will be available.

Note: For additional information regarding the AGD Fellowship Exam, visit the AGD website at: or contact

Review Course Cancellation Policy:

All attendees who cancel their course registration will be charged a $50 processing fee automatically. If an attendee cancels his/her course registration once the course materials have been sent out then the attendee will be responsible for the processing fee as well as the overall cost of the materials in the amount of $225 which includes the cost of the study guide in addition to the access of the course handouts regardless of whether the attendee accessed/downloaded the materials from the AGD secured site. Attendees who do not contact the AGD and cancel their registration by the date of the course will forfeit their entire course fee. Exceptions to the cancellation policy (emergencies, illness, etc.) will be considered on an individual basis and may require documentation for verification.

Disclaimer: The Fellowship Review Course is a review of currently accepted knowledge, techniques, and practices in general dentistry. Members may sit for this course as part of their preparation for the Fellowship Exam; however, taking this course does not guarantee that a member will pass the exam. The course should not be ones sole preparation for the exam. Information on the content of the Fellowship Exam is held in strictest confidence, and as such, information regarding the overall content of the exam will not be released during the review course or to the course speakers. Candidates may refresh their knowledge of basic clinical information in the 17 areas of general dentistry covered on the exam by attending the review course. Candidates are expected to draw on their own practical experiences as they take the Fellowship Exam.