Tech Jam Webinar Series | Automobile - May 2020
Tech Jam Series | Automobile
Join the Dell Technologies Unstructured Data Solutions team for our 30-minute Tech Jam Webcast series focused on the Autonomous Vehicle Development and Manufacturing
Who Should Join
ADAS R&D Dir, ADAS data Scientists, HiL engineers, ADAS IT Dir, IT VP, CIO/CTO
What's In it For You? 

OEMs and Tier-1 Automotive suppliers and start-ups alike are rapidly responding to supporting data at scale by looking at ways to help their organizations gain insights on how to manage and develop ADAS/AD solutions, navigate virtual data centers for ADAS, leverage public clouds for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) testing, and architecting their manufacturing IT environment that enables Smart Factory. 

Dell Technology and Partner experts will cover how we are supporting these customer priorities and giving customers faster time to results.  


Every Tuesday

5 | Hardware and Software Solutions for ADAS Development Teams

  • Understand why hardware matters with data acquisition
  • See how Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) is deployed the in the real world
  • Learn how National Instruments, Dell and AWS have teamed up to solve a fundamental ADAS verification challenge
  • Dell Technologies & Guest Presenters: Nicholas Keel, Principal Offering Manager – ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle Test National Instruments, Lawrence Vivolo, Auto Business Dev Mgr.

12 | Optimizing Compute for ADAS / AD applications 

  • Learn how compute architecture can dramatically impact individual automotive workloads
  • See real world examples where OEMs and Suppliers have turned to Dell technologies
  • Dell Technologies Presenters: Nick Bursey, Technology and Business Development - Extreme Scale Infrastructure

19 | Navigating Virtual Data Centers for Autonomous Driving 

  • Recognize how to separating facts from myths for IT virtualization
  • Understand what’s critical to performance (and time-to-market)
  • Dell Technologies & Guest Presenters: Grant Gustafson, Dir of Sales, Bright Computing, Keith Manthey, CTO, Larry Vivolo Auto Business Dev Mgr.

26 | Innovations in Machine Intelligence with the Graphcore IPU

  • Gain insights on how traditional processing architectures are hindering Machine Intelligence
  • Experience real world use cases using new approaches to Machine Intelligence
  • Learn how to leverage Graphcore IPU today with Microsoft AZURE 
  • Dell Technologies Presenters: Joe Vivio, Fellow

We look forward to connecting with you virtually

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