Copenhagen 2021
Hotel Reservation for Copenhagen 2021

A good number of hotel rooms in more than 35 hotels are reserved for our guests in Copenhagen and Malmö. The rooms are generally available for 13-22 August, 2021. Click one of the options at the right side menu bar to start your room bookings.

Human Rights Forum Conference and Sport Leader Conference delegates
If you plan to participate the Human Rights Forum or Sport Leader Conerence, you will be able to book the rooms via your conference registration (conference ticket and hotel room booking under the same account). Please select "Registration for Human Rights Foum & Hotel" to start your registration and hotel booking.

New Hotel Booking
If you plan to book a hotel room alone, please select "New Hotel Booking" to start booking your hotel room. Please start your hotel booking ONLY if you have the final travel plan and ready to commit the payment term. We suggest you to use this website to get to know all the hotel details and make your hotel choice, before you initiate your hotel booking online. 
If you wish to book more than 10 rooms and do not have all the guest names yet, please contact with your request. 
Payment Term
Hotel booking must be paid by credit card in full upon reservation.
Cancellation Terms 
Cancellations or reductions made before July 11, 2021, will be refunded less an administration fee of 3% of the full paid amount. Reimbursement will be settled after the eventFor cancellation made from July 12, 2021 and onwards, no refunds will be made. Guest name change will be possible and free of charge. 
All changes must be made via the registration site and not directly with the hotel.
View the locations of Copenhagen 2021 official sites and the selected hotels on Google Map, where you can also calculate the distances and plan your trips.  
Available hotels and the distances to the Pride Square:
Hotel Price From (Euro €) Distance to Pride Square (KM) Hotel details
5* Hotels
Hotel Skt. Petri 417 0.85 Details
Marriott Hotel Copenhagen 209 1.30 Details
Radisson Collection Royal Hotel 320 0.60 Details
Villa Copenhagen 459 0.70 Details
4* Hotels
AC Hotel Bella Sky Hotel Copenhagen 125 5.10 Details
Citizen M Copenhagen 222 0.35 Details
Clarion Copenhagen Airport 243 8.30 Details
Copenhagen Admiral Hotel 289 1.90 Details
Copenhagen Strand 225 1.60 Details
Imperial Hotel 225 0.65 Details
Phoenix Hotel 250 1.70 Details
Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel 209 1.60 Details
Scandic Falkoner 213 2.70 Details
Scandic Front TBC 1.80 Details
Scandic Hotel Copenhagen 213 0.90 Details
Scandic Kødbyen 213 1.80 Details
Scandic Palace Hotel 229 0.00 Details
Scandic Sydhavnen TBC 3.90 Details
Scandic Webers 202 0.95 Details
The Square 230 0.20 Details
Tivoli Hotel 230 1.60 Details
Hotel Twentyseven 206 0.30 Details
3* Hotels
Comfort Hotel Copenhagen Airport 188 8.40 Details
Comfort Hotel Vesterbro 209 1.00 Details
DGI-byens Hotel TBC 1.10 Details
Hotel Mayfair 195 1.00 Details
2* Hotels
CABINN City 140 0.95 Details
CABINN Copenhagen 100 1.60 Details
CABINN Metro 110 6.10 Details
CABINN Scandinavia 127 1.60 Details
Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade 105 1.50 Details
Wakeup Copenhagen Bernstorffsgade 97 0.7 Details
Wakeup Copenhagen Carsten Niebuhrsgade 92 1.40 Details
Hostels (price per bed)
Danhostel Copenhagen City TBC 0.80 Details
Generator Copenhagen TBC 1.50 Details
Hotels in Malmö
Clarion Live 220 43.00 Details
Good Morning + Hotel, Baltiska Hallen 82 43.00 Details