Graphic Novels for the New Times Kid
Event Details
Graphic Novels for the New Times Kid
06/08 - 06/12/2020
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education
2121 Berkeley Way
Berkeley, CA, 94720
Room 4500
Event Description

New technologies, among many things, are altering the ways we read and write. We call it New Times. Information is no longer static as we are bombarded with videos, blogs, articles, podcasts, gifs, tweets and more. How can kids hone their critical thinking skills in order to keep up with the amount of information coming at them? Who knew Graphic Novels were the answer?!

Researchers have found that young readers develop skills and gain better understanding of how to decipher multimodal communication when they read Graphic Novels. The combination of text and pictures that occurs in Graphic Novels helps our kids to better understand and decipher word-image messages like those that occur with advertising and online.

Research aside, Comics and Graphic Novels tell stories, make arguments, unpack ideas, share memories and feelings, and convey processes of change. Join this one-week action packed course on Graphic Novels. We will read them, write them and just have fun. This is summer after all!

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