THURSDAY 28.05.2020 (9:30 - 17:30)

9:30 - 13:00 UFFIZI GALLERY (meeting point: at 9:30 am in front of Grand Hotel Baglioni on foot)

(min. 15 persons attending)

Uffizi Gallery: a classic. Thousands of tourists queue up every year to visit one of the premier art museums in the world.
We will skip the line to a unique experience so that you can immerse yourself in Florence’s artistic heritage and history. The Gallery is located on the last floor of the grandiose building designed by Giorgio Vasari.
You will be guided through the imposing rooms and bright hallways to admire masterpieces such as Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, Leonardo’s The Annunciation and Michelangelo’s Tondo Doni… only to name a few.

VERY IMPORTANT: Since May is high season in Florence, it is possible to guarantee that the Uffizi Gallery Tour will be included in your fee, only if your registration is received within February 28th, 2020 (min of n° 15 persons attending).


13:00 - 14:00 LIGHT LUNCH

14:00 - 17:30 WALKING CITY TOUR

On this visit to Florence’s historic center, you will get to know the city’s origins and more than 2,000 years of Florentine history. You’ll be fascinated by what you see and hear as you walk through the city of Dante, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and other key figures of the Italian art history, literature and culture. Highlights of the tour are the wonderful Romanesque Church of Santa Maria Novella, Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo Square with Giotto’s Tower, the Baptistery, and the majestic Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore with the famous dome by Brunelleschi. Visit at Officine Profumo Farmaceutiche Santa Maria Novella.


FRIDAY, 29.05.2020 (9:30 - 17:00)

9:30 -13:00 PALAZZO PITTI & BOBOLI GARDEN VISIT  (meeting point at 9:30 a.m. in front of Grand Hotel Baglioni on foot )

The Palazzo Pitti is a vast, mainly Renaissance palace situated on the south side of the River Arno, a short distance from the Ponte Vecchio. The core of the present palazzo dates from 1458 and was originally the town residence of Luca Pitti, an ambitious Florentine banker. Participants will enjoy a guided tour of the main gallery of the palace, the Palatine Gallery, containing a large ensemble of over 500 Renaissance paintings, which were once part of the Medici family’s private art collection.
The tour also includes the Tesoro dei Granduchi, situated on the ground floor and mezzanine of Palazzo Pitti, in what was once the summer quarters of the Grand Dukes. The museum displays treasures collected by the Medici and Hapsburg-Lorraine dynasties, including splendid ancient vases that belonged to Lorenzo the Magnificent, art objects from the Cabinet of Gemstones in the Uffizi, as well as ivory carvings, amber, paintings on glass, lace, cameos, fabrics and tapestries.


The Garden that extends from the hill behind the Pitti Palace as far as Porta Romana, reached its current extension and appearance, becoming one of the largest and most elegant Italian style gardens, through several stages of enlargement and restructuring work carried out at different times.
The Medici family established the layout of the gardens, creating the Italian garden style that would become a model for many European courts. The vast green expanse with a formal layout is a real outdoor museum, populated by ancient and Renaissance statues. The Gardens are also adorned with grottos, the most important of which is the famous grotto realized by Bernardo Buontalenti, as well as large fountains, such as the Fountain of Neptune and the Fountain of the Ocean.

13:00 - 14:00 LIGHT LUNCH


Mercato Centrale is a place where food is lived, told and prepared by artisans who respect it and know it deeply. It’s a space to be lived and shared and a container that becomes cultural and social content itself, without losing spontaneity and simplicity.
The San Lorenzo Market, situated in the historical center of the city, is the preferred destination of the tourists.