MERCAFIR 29th May 2020

Mercafir is a consortium of companies that since 1988 has managed a Multi-purpose Food Center in Florence, where the wholesale markets for fruit, vegetables, fish and meat products operate. Additionally this combines processing a marketing operations involved in the food industry. Mercafir is not only an area of entrepreneurial development but gathers within it significant economic and social realities. It is therefore configured as a point of reference as regards the control of the agro-food chain, transparency, traceability and quality of the products of the production chain, and is today a real meeting place for Florence and for all of Tuscany.

The design of the area began in the 70s with the need by the Municipality of Florence to transform the historic restrictive structure of the city which had the limited space of the markets of S. Ambrogio and S. Lorenzo. The idea was to create an environment that was not only a place of sales and marketing for agri-food products, but also of processing, packaging and quality control.

After years of negotiations and feasibility studies, the work began in 1982, officially concluding in 1988 with its hand over to the Municipal administration. Since 1989, the management of the market has been under Mercafir’s responsibility with, 59.59% owned by the Municipality of Florence.

MERCATO delle OPPORTUNITÀ  “A Market full opportunities”  29th May 2020

Il Mercato delle Opportunità was developed to bring the people of Florence closer to the wholesale market, where it offers the opportunity to buy fruits and vegetables of excellent quality at very affordable prices.

The concept was established in 2006 with the focus on selling to private consumers unsold fruits and vegetables in crates. The fundamental value is facilitating quality and quantity of healthy eating at an accessible price.

“Mercafir has a very strong identity but this is not widely integrated and acknowledged within the city of Florence. The long term vision is to create greater interest, expand and make more accessible to Florentines the benefits of this market. “ Giacomo Lucibello.

Transfer by bus from Mercafir to Mercato Centrale: Mercato Centrale is a hub for everyone “who loves, lives and chooses food”.

The Mercato Centrale represents the heart of Florentine culinary appreciation, where food revolves around artisans of taste and their expertise. It is a place that supports food in its cultural context. By applying strict rules and regulations, quality is guaranteed. The Mercato Centrale stands as an important statement of day to day enjoyment of fine food.