ICCA Destination Marketing European Business Workshop

How to Participate

Firstly please read the Guidelines carefully so that you understand the conditions for participation. To participate in this Workshop you need to find an accompanying association executive who meets the following criteria to invite to the Workshop:

a) He/she must be a key decision-maker or has decision making influence with regard to where the European conference takes place in the future.

b) The conference must historically meet the size criteria for the workshop (500 delegates or more).

c) If the conference has no track record the projected number of attendees must meet the size criterion for the workshop.

d) The conference should not have been represented and the association executive must not have been present at any ICCA Destination Marketing Business Workshop held within the previous 2 years. (see Exclusion List under the "MY ICCA" section of the website under "Logos & Documents". 

e) The conference must be at least 3 days duration, must take place at least once every 4 years and must rotate between at least 3 European countries.

f) Association Management Companies or Core PCOs are eligible, provided they meet the criteria and submit a document in which the association agrees to be represented and states that the Core PCO or association management company is involved in the decision influencing process concerning future locations of their event. However please note: In order to keep in line with ICCA's new strategic goal #2 - Engaged Association Executives, the guidelines have slightly changed and only association executive will be accepted straight away. Anyone registering with a Core PCO or AMC will be held on a waiting list until the registration deadline and will only be offered a place if there are still places available.

g) The conference must not be limited to rotating only between countries that speak one language, for example, French speaking countries or Spanish speaking countries.

Tips on how to find a suitable association executive:

1. Invite an association executive you know:
- Have you recently hosted a European association meeting that meets the above criteria? Consider inviting a representative from this association who is a decision maker or influencer (for example, member of the Board, Secretary General, CEO, Managing Director, Events Manager, Conference Coordinator, Conference Administrator etc.)
- Do you have any local Ambassadors who hold a position on the Executive Board/Committees for a European association meeting that meets the criteria for this workshop? Consider inviting them to accompany you.

2. Invite an association executive from the ICCA database:
Make a selection from the ICCA database to find a suitable association executive who meets the criteria for this workshop:

- Decision maker or influencer of a European association meeting
- Attendance of 500 delegates or more 
- Takes place at least once every 4 years
- Lasts for at least 3 days

Click on this hyperlink to download a flyer that can be sent to your potential association executives explaining the benefits of attending a Workshop. 

Once you have found a suitable association executive and understand the conditions for participation then the next step is to go to the Registration section of the website.