ICCA Destination Marketing European Business Workshop

Information for associations 


“During my first ICCA workshop I really appreciated exchanging views with other societies, discussing EAN congresses with destination representatives and enjoyed to get up-to-date information on possible future destinations.” 
Anja Sander, Executive Director, European Academy of Neurology 

“The workshop gives a valuable forum for quickly and efficiently connecting with the right contacts at potential destinations and gives a quick overview of any new developments in a given city without the time investment of a site inspection. In addition the knowledge exchange on Saturday with other associations was very good and provided an opportunity to gain insight on best practice from similar organisations.” 
Maiken Barsøe-Sayers, Conference Manager, European Wound Management Association -EWMA-

“A great opportunity to meet with future venues, discuss possibilities with other destinations and learn from colleagues.” 
Carla Seiler, Scientific Programme Coordinator, European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases -ESCMID-

“Great networking opportunity and a perfect mix of business and pleasure.” 
Elisabeth Hiemstra-Kuperus, Project Manager, International Institute of Social History -IISG-

What is the ICCA Destination Marketing European Business Workshop?

A minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 association congress decision makers/influencers exchange detailed background information on their meeting with 10-15 ICCA destination marketing members in return for excellent feedback on the services the ICCA members can provide. This information is shared via a series of one-on-one meetings. Please click on this link to download a flyer which explains in more detail the objectives of the ICCA Business Workshop.

Preliminary Programme

Please click on this link to see a copy of the preliminary programme.

Criteria to qualify for the ICCA Destination Marketing European Business Workshop

- You must be a key decision-maker or have decision making influence with regard to where your European association conference or event takes place in the future.

- Your conference must be a European association conference which has rotated between 3 European countries and has more than 500 delegates.

- You or your conference should not have been present at any ICCA Destination Marketing Business Workshop held within the previous 2 years.

- Your conference must be at least 3 days duration and must take place at least once every 4 years. 

How do I register for this event?

Please download a copy of the Association Profile form and complete all questions and send it in a word document to the ICCA Destination Marketing representative who invited you to accompany them to the ICCA Workshop.