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11/08/2019 The Grove Wine Bar - Austin, Texas

Fall Social Hour

6:30pm to 8:30pm

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Mix & Mingle 

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Enjoy an evening of networking with your fellow WBCS members while making your own chocolate creation. This is a great opportunity to build new relationships, gain support, and meet the Women's Business Council- Southwest's Austin community in a relaxed environment. Both new and long-standing members are highly encouraged to attend.

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Registrant List

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Company First Name Last Name
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Absolute Facility Solutions, LLCMichelleRay
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Capital MetroTehreneHart
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Emojis Grilled Cheese Bar LLCHopeGreen
Energy Utility GroupMelindaZito OBrien
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Kanti GoodsErnstineLammers
T [ Back to top ]
ThisWay GlobalJacobLoechler
ThisWay GlobalShayneOldmixon
ThisWay GlobalPaulRhea
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