ASF 2013 Sponsor Descriptions
Solve Advisors, Inc.
Solve Advisors, Inc. 

Solve Advisors is an innovative financial technology company that specializes in structured finance, headquartered in New York. 
The following are our main product and service lines:
- SolveQuotes – powerful real-time message parsing technology which identifies market color as well as information on BWICs and dealer inventories and provides insightful visualization and querying capabilities.  Stay ahead of your competition by identifying trends before others.

- SolveLoans – our newest product is significantly discounted non-agency loan-level data. Take advantage of our querying tool eliminating the need for 3rd party products.  In a world where the non-agency universe is shrinking every day, why pay more for loan level data?

- Custom Solutions – our diverse backgrounds in technology, trading, and structuring allow us to create innovative and powerful software which is also highly intuitive to the business users.
Solve offers tools that are cost effective, easy to use, cutting edge, and most importantly, provides users with new methods to outperform the marketplace and manage their risk.  Since the advent of technology for structured products, the majority of vendor software is not cost effective, not flexible to the user, and is largely based on outdated architecture that was created during the CDO boom.  Solve Advisors was formed in part to take advantage of this inefficiency as well as to provide superior products to users.   
To find out more information about our products, visit our website at or call our office at 646-699-5041 or reach out to Adam Prather at the conference at 917-558-2994.  Please stop by our booth at the ASF 2013 to learn more about Solve and to receive a free trial of our products.